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Argon, Stargold, Industrial Gas, High Pressure Steel M Style Cylinder, 141CF, 2000PSIG, CGA 580 With Eductor

Argon Carbon Dioxide Welding Mixtures

Argon Carbon Dioxide blends are versatile mixtures for welding carbon, low-alloy and some stainless steels. Increasing the CO2 content will increase weld penetration and bead wetting characteristics. At higher current levels and CO2 content, increased spatter may result. Argon Carbon Dioxide blends can be used to join a wide range of material thickness while utilizing a variety of modes of metal transfer.

Principal Applications

Argon Carbon Dioxide blends are used for all kinds of structural steel, farm implements and machinery. Lower levels of CO2 can be used for pulsed arc or spray arc welding, while higher levels > 20% are used for short arc welding and the shielding of some flux-cored wires.

StarGold C-25

This blend is commonly used for GMAW with short-circuiting transfer on low carbon steel. It was formulated to provide optimum droplet frequency on short-circuiting transfer using .035 and .045 diameter wire. Linde's StarGold C-25 operates well in high current applications on heavy base metal. It promotes good arc stability, weld pool control, and weld bead appearance. This blend will not support the spray type mode of metal transfer.

Brand StarGold
Cylinder Style M
Pressure 2000
Hazard Class 2.2
Subcategory Welding Gas Mixtures
Paint Color MAROON
UNSPSC 12350000
Volume (cf) 141
Volume (m3) 4.21