Unibraze NS Brazing Alloy Rod - 3/16 in | NS31636

Linde Part #: UNBNS31636 Manufacturer's Part #:NS31636  /

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Unibraze NS Brazing Alloy Rod - 3/16 in

Unibraze Nickel Silver is a low fuming, cadmium free bronze. It is an excellent replacement for high cost silver brazing alloys when higher brazing temperatures are acceptable. The weld deposits of Unibraze Nickel Silver have very high tensile strength, good ductility and excellent corrosion resistance. Unibraze Nickel Silver weld deposits are also machinable and work-harden when put into service. Unibraze Nickel Silver is available as bare or pre-flux coated rod. Preheating may be desired for some applications. A neutral or slightly oxidizing flame recommended.

Brand Unibraze
Overall Length 36 in
Series NS
Tensile Strength 70000 psi
MFG NS31636
Minimum Brazing Temperature 1700 °F