Unibraze 90SB3 TIG Rod - 1/8 in | 90SB31836

Linde Part #: UNBER90SB31836 Manufacturer's Part #:90SB31836  /

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Unibraze 90SB3 TIG Rod - 1/8 in

Unibraze 90S-B3/EB-3 is used to weld 2¼Cr/1Mo Steels used for high temperature, high pressure piping and pressure vessels. It is also used for joining carbon steel and Cr-Mo alloys. Careful control of preheat, interpass temperatures, and postweld heat treatment is essential to prevent cracking. When using Unibraze 90S-B3/EB-3 in the as-welded condition special care is required due to the higher strength levels.

Brand Unibraze
Overall Length 36 in
Series 90S-B3
Tensile Strength 92800 psi
Yield Strength 783000 psi
MFG 90SB31836