ProStar™ Compact 2-Door Work Cells

Linde's ProStar™ PRSAL20 two-door angle loader features two fixed tables guarded by telescoping, pneumatic doors to provide lower loading height and smaller cell footprint.

The PRSFL manual front loader robotic cell features two fixed tables separated by a 180° manually indexing wall that protects the operator from potentially harmful sparks and UV radiation. Physical circular boundary ensures that the operator cannot stand in its path.

Standard Features

  • Two work stations
  • Telescoping, pneumatic load-doors
  • Robot flexible (≤ 1600 mm reach)
  • Ergonomic loading height
  • Modular/Adjustable work tables
  • Side cell entry for maintenance
  • Fully integrated power and control
  • Single skid and body
Compact 2-Door Work Cells

Standard Configuration

Cell FootprintPRSAL20PRSFL
Length 102 in. (2.59 m)113 in. (2.87 m)
Width 92 in. (2.34 m)66 in. (1.68 m)
Height 83 in. (2.1 m)90 in. (2.29 m)
Table Dimensions 
Length 24 in. (.61 m)39.5 in. (1 m) or 23 in. (.58 m)
Width 29 in. (.74 m) 16 in. (.4 m) or 19 in. (.48 m)
Table Load Height33.5 in. (.85 m) 30 in. (.76 m)