ProStar™ High-Efficiency Work Cells

High-Speed Automation for Production of Large Weldments

Linde's ProStar™ PRSDSL side loader is equipped with two single-axis positioners supporting custom tooling bridles on opposite sides of a centered, six-axis robotic arm. Two workstations are located on opposite sides of the robot. Light curtains, spaced at least four feet from the indexing tooling bridles at all times, ensure that the operator cannot stand in its path.

Twin Robotic “Ferris Wheel” Work Cell

The PRSFW3 Ferris wheel cell employs two 360° single-axis positioners supporting two custom tooling bridles separated by a 180° servo-driven indexing wall. Two six-axis elevated robots enable optimal weld positioning and production efficiency with a lower part loading height.

Standard Features

  • Two work stations with 360 degree, single-axis part positioners on each station
  • Telescoping pneumatic load-doors
  • Light curtain protective boundaries
  • Robot flexible (≤1600 mm reach)
  • Ergonomic loading height
  • Modular/Adjustable work tables
  • Cell entry for maintenance: front side (DSL), back side (FW3)
  • Wire fencing & weld curtains (FW3)
  • Fully integrated power & control
High-Efficiency Work Cells side-loader

Standard Configuration

Length 211 in.178 in.
Width 300 in. 284.5 in.
Height 84 in. 80 in.
Table Dimensions 
Length 72 in. 48 in.
Width 120 in. 174 in.
Table Load Height42 in. 36 in.