PerformArc® 1100SS, 2200SS Robotic Welding Cell

PerformArc® robotic welding systems make adding an automated weld cell to your operation quick and simple. You don’t need previous automation experience to get started — and once a PerformArc system is up and running, Linde welding and service specialists are available 24 hours a day to help keep it that way.

Extremely High Productivity

Station indexing time is eliminated, allowing the robot to immediately begin welding on station B when station A is complete, gaining efficiencies and maximizing valuable time. A second robot can be added, doubling throughput without requiring additional floor space. Standard load station jog provides complete load position flexibility, allowing multi-stage loading or tack and finish welding to occur in a common welding fixture.

Manufacturing Flexibility

Our pre-engineered system is pre-wired and pre-assembled with a fully-welded frame. It’s shipped to you in three sections for quick assembly and connection. The PRS1100SS features an open side wall for easy changeover of holding fixtures or weldments by crane or forklift. For ever-changing production needs, the large rotation diameter and heavy payload capacity allow low-, mid- and high volumes to be welded in single, multiple or progressive fixtures. Single- or dual-sided operation minimize interruptions and maximize throughput by allowing fixtures or parts to be changed while welding is occurring on the opposite side.

Standard Features

  • 6 kg arc welding robot
  • 64-bit controller with TFT color display teaching pendant utilizing Windows® CE
  • Auto-Continuum™ Advanced MIG Welding System
  • Auto-Continuum wire drive motor assembly
  • Tregaskiss™ air-cooled welding torch
  • Miller designed and manufactured total productivity system

System Features

  • (2) Integrated operator interfaces (E-Stop, Auto, Servo On, Hold, Start, Position Jog)
  • (1) Full open hinged door for maintenance access
  • TCP pointer and resident TCP check program
  • Tip change monitor and maintenance program for easy torch upkeep
  • Arc start retry, arc overlapping, flying arc start, password protection
  • Resume function, shifting functions, online help function
  • Standard remote axis jog (unlimited positional jog at operator load station)
PA 1100SS, 2200SS Robotic Welding Cell

Standard Configuration

Part No.Frame WidthFrame Depth

Frame Height 

Rotation Height (from floor)

Rotation Diameter 

Headstock-Tailstock Span 

Distance From Rotation to Light Curtain CL

Light Curtain Opening 

Robot Height (from floor)

Robot Distance (from CL or Rotation)

Positioner CL to Positioner CLRobot CL to Positioner FaceplateControls Area Width Controls Area Depth Shipping Weight Main BaseShipping Weight Wing Pallet
PerformArc® 110SS200 in. 168 in. 90 in. 33 in. 44 in. 120 in. 

19 in. 

150 in. 31 in. 37 in. 74 in. 60 in. 90 in. 32 in. 6,800 lbs. 600 lbs.
PerformArc® 220SS200 in. 197 in. 90 in.37 in. 60 in. 120 in. 17.5 in. 153 in. 43 in. 45 in. 91 in. 60 in. 90 in. 36 in. 3,000 lbs. 600 lbs.

*Note: All dimensions are approximate 

Positioner General Technical Specifications

ModelServo Positioner Servo Positioner 
Motor Type1.6 kW AC Digital Servo3.5 kW AC Digital Servo
Control Type Servo Control Servo Control
Payload (per side)1,100 lbs. 2,200 lbs.
Payload Offset (from positioner CL)Please consult manual Please consult manual
Through Hole (for utility pass through)2.16 in. 2.95 in.

Tooling Area Options 

Part No. 1100SS2200SS
Standard Headstock-Tailstock Width120 in. 120 in. 
Standard Rotation Diameter 44 in. 70 in. 
Optional Headstock-Tailstock Widths96 in., 144 in. 96 in., 144 in. 
Optional Rotation Diameter 60 in. 
Optional Payload Available upon requestAvailable upon request

Robot Options 

1100SS Single 1100SS Dual Robot2200SS Single 2200SS Dual Robot

Power Source Options

Auto-Continuum™ 350A / 500A Dynasty® 400A
TAWERS 350A / 4505ADynasty® 800A