PerformArc® 550H/HW, 1100HW Robotic Welding Cell

Small Footprint, High Productivity and ROI

This high-production system has a footprint of 17 ft. × 10 ft. and allows for a second robot to be added, doubling throughput without requiring additional floor space. Easy-to-slide teach access doors keep the system slim and allow for tight stacking. The outboard Panasonic servo positioner allows the parts to be rotated into the desired welding position, maximizing torch access and welding quality.

Personal Safety

The 1100HW utilizes servo disconnect technology, removing drive power during fixture loading to prevent unexpected motion of the outboard axis and keeping employees safe.

ProStar™ Fume Collector Systems

  • Linde provides turnkey, integrated filtration systems for all models including overhead capture hood, ductwork package and ground based dust collector.
  • Custom hoods fit all sizes and platforms
  • Basic duct package includes spark arrestance
  • Dust collectors for all metal types including SS with HEPA after filter capabilities
  • Factory pre-wired controls
  • Smoke detector with fan shutdown and fire suppression system

Standard Features

  • 6 kg welding robot
  • 64-bit controller with TFT color display teaching pendant utilizing Windows® CE
  • Auto-Continuum™ Advanced MIG Welding System
  • Auto-Continuum wire drive motor assembly
  • Tregaskiss™ air-cooled welding torch
  • Secondary rotation axis servo positioner 550 lbs. or 1100 lb
  • Miller designed and manufactured total productivity system
ProStar PerformArc 550H-HW, 1100HW

System Features

  • Integrated operator interface (E-Stop, Auto Mode, Servo On, Mode Select, Table Load/Unload, Cycle Start, Collision Detect, Auto Backup)
  • (2) Sliding doors for easy access to the teaching area
  • TCP pointer and resident TCP check program
  • Tip change monitor and maintenance program for easy torch upkeep
  • Arc start retry, arc overlapping, flying arc start, password protection

Power Source Options 

Auto-Continuum™ 350A / 500ADynasty® 400A 
TAWERS 350A / 450A Dynasty® 800A


Robot Options 

Single Dual Robot 

Standard Configuration

Part No.Frame LengthFrame WidthFrame Height Fixture CL From Floor Fixture Length Cell Width Fixture Rotation Diameter Cell Front Opening MaxPenetration Distance Rotation Diameter Shipping Weight


PerformArc® 1100HW204 in. 114 in. 90 in. 42 in. 60 in. 123 in. 40 in. 102 in. 18.5 in. 108 in. 7,600 lbs.

*Note: All dimensions are approximate. 

Positioner General Technical Specifications

Main Sweep Axis 
Model Servo Positioner 
Motor Type 3.5 kW AC Digital Servo
Control Type Servo Control
Rotation Time (180 deg. index)t < 3.5 sec.
Through Hole (for utility pass through)4.72 in.
Secondary Axis (2)
Model 500 kg
Motor Type 1.6 kW AC Digital Servo 
Control Type Servo Control
Payload (per side)1,100 lbs. 
Payload Offset (from positioner CL)Please consult manual
Through Hole (for utility pass through)2.16 in.