ProStar™ Gantry System

Get a Grip on Productivity Demands

Extremely high-deposition ProStar™ GWS automated gantry systems are used for longitudinal welding of long structural beams, and built to order for each customer. ProStar welding gantries are built with the user in mind. An intuitive touchscreen HMI with aviator style joystick easily control all gantry functions. Set low to the floor, a moving, high-back operator’s seat offers comfort and safe proximity to the work area. Additionally, all PRSGWS gantry systems come complete with two welding stations, weld-seam tracking, camera systems and torch adjustability.

Standard Features

  • Dual 1,000 A submerged arc power sources typically set up in twin or tandem wire mode for maximum dual independent flux delivery, recovery and heating systems. Sized to customer requirements
  • Servo controlled track drive system up to 35 ft. / min travel speed.
  • Operator chair and HMI console
  • Powered cross-slide system for fine tuning of welding head(s); up to 84 in. vertical and 12 in. horizontal travel
  • Seam tracking – mechanical (probe) or vision (laser)
  • Full-color weld camera systems with monitors and recording capabilities, laser pointer for easy setup, and visual seam tracking confirmation

Available Options

  • Induction or flame preheat systems
  • Onboard MIG welding systems for manual welding requirements
Praxair ProStar Gantry System

Typical Max Deposition Rates*

Single Weld HeadDual Weld Head
Single WireUp to 25 lbs./hrUp to 50 lbs./hr
Twin WireUp to 40 lbs./hrUp to 80 lbs./hr

*Using 1,000 amp sub-arc power source. 

Simple to Customize

Customize Work Area & Footprint

  • Work area width and height (A/B)
  • Width, height, rail length (C/D/E)

Customize Standard Features

  • Dual 1,000 A sub-arc typically set up in twin or tandem wire mode, sized to customer requirements
  • Seam tracking system – choose mechanical (probe) or vision (laser)


Select Optional Features

  • Induction or flame preheat system
  • GMAW, FCAW, or custom welding systems
  • Select HMI or custom control options, sub-arc or open arc camera systems, and probe or laser seam tracking systems
  • Choose from Linde's complete line of modular supports for structural steel, pipe and vessels up to 60 tons and more!*
  • Specify on-board twin or tandem SAW, MIG or CMT configurations, flux delivery, recovery and heating systems*
Specifications Standard ConfigurationCustomizing Options*
Welding Stations 1 or 2 (1,000 A SAW) 1 or 2 (MIG/CMT)
Weldment Aperture 8 ft. wide x 7-1/2 ft. highCustom (A,B)
Overall Dimensions 12½ in. x 10 ft. 8 in. x 9 ft. 2 in. (W/H/D)Custom (C,D,E)
Deposition RateUp to 80 lbs./hr Up to 80 lbs./hr
Controls HMICustomer choice
Seam Tracking Vision (laser)Tactile (probe)
Max Travel Speed24-3/4 ft. / min. Up to 35 ft. / min.
Power Requirements 240 V 1-Ph, 208V or 480V 3-Ph240 V 1-Ph, 208V or 480V 3-Ph

Specifications may change. *Additional costs may apply.