ProStar™ Conduits

Advance Your Wire’s Delivery

Linde's feed systems for ferrous & non-ferrous materials, including tubular wires

Linde's Easy Glide™ reduced-friction wire conduit saves you time and money.

  • Conduit design provides twist-free, low-drag 24/7 wire delivery.
  • Automatic switch-over device aids in continuous production and around-the-clock wire supply.
  • Improves efficiency and profitability.

Fits Your Operation

Place your welding wire in any convenient place without impacting feed ability and welding performance.
Frees up floor space near your robotic welder for improved ergonomics.

Other Delivery Options

Aside from Linde's EasyGlide system, we can provide traditional conduit options to better aid in your operation’s wire delivery.

Praxair ProStar Conduits

4 Reasons why you should equip your automated welding system with ProStar™ conduit.

  1.  Reduce burn-backs – ProStar conduits reduce pull tension issues that are associated with weird wire burn-backs at the contact point
  2.  Reduce weld necking – ProStar conduits minimize uneven pull tension between the resting stat and slack consumption, which is the cause of weld necking just after the weld starts
  3.  Reduce over-welding – ProStar conduits reduce pull tension to help improve your weld accuracy and precision, further decreasing the need to over-weld.
  4.  Facilitate wire farms – For high productivity weld cells and multiple shifts per day, a wire farm that incorporates ProStar wire and Linde's 24/7 feed system can eliminate wire changeouts and downtime.


Select Conduit for the ApplicationConventional Easy Glide™Maxi Glide™
Distance Short (10 - 20 ft.)
Moderate (10 - 100 ft.)
Long (10 - 150 ft.)
Environment Fabrication & Manufacturing

PA6 covering for moderate to severe environment

Can handle moderate robotic movement

Ideal for fume, dirt & dust

PA12 - much more flexible or aramid / rubberized cover

Can handle excessive / violent robot movement

Grease, oil dust

Reduced Friction 2 - 15#≤ 2#< 2#

Limited bends 

Large curves

Grooves easily

18" bends 

Flexible installations

Long life

12" bends 

Ideal for violent, robotic movement

Long distances