Smart Booster

Smart Productivity

Push your welding wire through MaxiGlide™ runs up to 50 meters long, with multiple curves.

Linde's Welding Wire Turbocharger

The SmartBooster™ feeder is Linde's powerful, standalone auxiliary feeder system for welding available in a turnkey, fully integrated package or portable system.

  • Available in integrated or portable feed systems
  • Brushless motor for precise torque control
  • Cold wire motor control function
  • Includes robot arc on-time monitoring
  • “Arc-Voltage” motor control function
  • CE certified
Praxair ProStar Smart Booster

Dome & Feed Conduit Choices For A Productive Bulk Aluminum Wire Set-Up

Step 1


Step 2 

Conduit Attachment

Step 3 

Dome Side Connection

Step 4


Step 5 

Wire Feed Connection


Light-duty hard plastic Quick disconnect WWDPSelf-thread A-16F-3 or compression A-10C-S with A-10CFEPolymer up to 15 ft. EC-4-RWire feed inlet connections are available for all major wire feed manufacturer brands & models.


Heavy-duty ABS grey SID100/380ALDOMEDetangler tube AWR1201.950MaxiGlide quick connector adapter to EasyGlide™ AWR1201.100-701 EasyGlide up to 30 ft. SIDEASYGLIDE


Heavy-duty ABS grey SID110/380ALDOMEDetangler tube AWR1201.950MaxiGlide connectors included with liner MaxiGlide up to 80 ft. AWR601.350-XX (Aramid) AWR601.450-XX (PA12)


Heavy-duty acrylic clear GPLWPT2 Detangler tube AWR1201.950

MaxiGlide quick connector adapter to EasyGlide™ AWR1201.100-701

EasyGlide up to 30 ft. SIDEASYGLIDE


Heavy-duty acrylic clear GPLWPT2Detangler tube AWR1201.950MaxiGlide connectors included with linerMaxiGlide up to 80 ft. AWR601.350-XX (Aramid) AWR601.450-XX )PA12)

Available Booster Packages

Integrated Wire Booster System

SmartBooster feeder is ideal for setups in which MaxiGlide conduit is mounted inside the cable tracks. When deployed in a “wire farm,” bulk pacs are placed in a safe, forklift accessible area to allow inspection at all times.

Portable Wire Booster System

  • Digital touch screen controls for more accurate adjustments & parameter settings
  • Peek™-plastic pushing roll for use with aluminum welding wires
  • Lightweight see-through dome facilitates fast, easy setup
  • 24V transformer