Stargon™ CS for Mild Steel

Linde’s Stargon™ CS (Carbon Steel) welding gas blend provides high quality GMAW welds on carbon steel, under the most challenging circumstances. Stargon CS gas blend is a precise mixture of argon, carbon dioxide and oxygen and is designed to meet the varying needs of your MIG/MAG (GMAW) applications.

Stargon CS is a universal gas blend that operates well in short-circuit, high deposition conventional spray and pulsed-spray processes. It produces good arc characteristics and excellent weld metal mechanical properties when used to join a wide range of materials.

Used in conventional spray transfer applications, Stargon CS shielding gas blend provides higher deposition rates and travel rates above what CO2 or high CO2 content blends can deliver. Outstanding out-of-position welding properties with pulsed-spray and short-circuit applications make Stargon CS an excellent choice for robotic welding applications.

Features and Benefits

  • Multipurpose/Universal — Can be used for all types of GMAW/wide operating range. Optimized mix for a variety of shop applications
  • Good wetting characteristics — Good bead profile
  • Low oxidizing potential — Excellent surface appearance
  • Controlled CO2 and O2 additions — Permits a short, controllable arc length for use on thin gauge material; optimum penetration
  • High productivity; ideally suited for robotics — 20-30% improvement in weld travel speed versus CO2
  • Low fume levels — 50-100% lower fume levels versus CO2

Typical Applications

  • Short arc, pulsed, and spray arc transfer for joining various thickness steel sections for mobile cranes, earth-moving and farm equipment
  • For thin gauge carbon steel pipe used in sprinkler systems; auto-body repair
  • Ideal for robotic arc applications due to universal performance features of Stargon gas blend
  • Can be used with specially formulated flux-cored and metal-cored wires
  • Pressure vessels and ship construction for thicker materials, including structural steel