Steel Wire for Automation

Straight and Clean from Beginning to End

ProStar™ welding wire is the right choice for weld productivity and quality — formulated for both manual and robotic welding.

What Does “Twist-Free” Mean in a Welding Wire?

  • “Twist-free” means the drawing and packaging process results in a product with very little cast or helix –- wire comes out of its packaging much straighter compared to standard wires.
  • Wire and arc placement are predictable — it goes where you want and doesn’t flip back and forth — helping to reduce over-welding, waste, and cost/inch.
  • Straighter wire creates less wear points inside a conduit, with reduced possible binding areas and less drag for more consistent feeding.
  • Straighter wire creates uniform contact tip wear, which means that properly sized tips can be used and consumable costs are reduced.
  • Straighter wire provides feed consistency from pack to pack.
  • All of these factors contribute to greater productivity, less downtime and reduced overall welding costs.
Praxair Steel wire for automation

Standard Features

  • No cast or helix
  • Single, high-quality mill source
  • High-tech, proprietary drawing processes
  • Distinctly clean, consistent and smooth wire surfaces for a premium surface finish
  • Exclusive, proprietary stackable wire package containers with lifting access on four sides
  • Inner packaging


  • Minimizes arc wander, weld cost-per-inch and provides uniform tip wear
  • Provides superior consistency of tight wire chemistry and purity while improving overall weld quality and overcast
  • Maintains consistent wire diameter within defined tolerances
  • Decreases downtime from wire feed issues
  • Reduces impact on floor space and provides faster, more efficient transportation
  • Cuts down on the effects of moisture

Clean Materials, Stringent Controls

ProStar twist-free welding wire starts as pickled green rod coils produced under ISO-certified control to some of the tightest batch-to-batch tolerances in the industry. Our proprietary drawing and coppering processes result in fewer scratches with less flaking or peeling to produce an extremely clean and smooth wire surface. ProStar wire is packaged using our proprietary, twist-free winding machines. Innovative bulk packaging design helps to ensure, maintain, and deliver twist-free performance weld after weld.

The result is a wire product featuring reliable feeding and predictive welding performance that is consistent from pack to pack. This means less downtime due to clogged liners, unevenly worn consumables, and feed issues, less over-welding due to predictable placement of the weld puddle and reduced overall weld cost-per-foot.