HeliStar® Gases for Welding

Linde's helium-enhanced shielding gas blends provide greater welding travel speeds and weld penetration for improved productivity and reduced welding cost. Better weld arc stability over some surface contamination results in reduced weld porosity and lower weld reject rates.

Linde's HeliStar™ shielding gas blends operate well over a wide range of welding parameters making them especially suited for mechanized and robotic welding applications. HeliStar shielding gas welding blends offer reduced oxidation and superior weld corrosion resistance, producing welds with a bright, attractive surface finish and little or no post-weld cleanup (300 stainless and Inconel). HeliStar blends perform best in plasma welding applications, particularly when welding in the keyhole mode.

Praxair HeliStar Gas