Gas Mixers

Model 6105, 6205, 6305, 6405 Mixers for Indoor Welding Applications

  • 0–2000, 0–5000, 0–10,000, and 0–20,000 scfh flow-rate models.
  • Continuous gas analysis of the gas mixture, optional alarms available.
  • Surge tank design produces constant gas mixture proportion from shutoff to full flow conditions.
  • Three component gas mixers available.

Model 8105, 8205, 8305, 8405 Mixers for Outdoor Welding Applications

  • Same features and benefits as models for indoors.
  • Includes a NEMA 4 enclosure to provide reliable protection from weather or tampering.
  • The analysis has a heated cell chamber for consistent functioning at outdoor temperatures.

Designed for applications requiring continuous production of mixed gas

The Thermco® gas mixer is designed to mix two non-flammable and non-corrosive gases. The gas mixer is normally used with a process where the supply gases are drawn from bulk sources, and the mixture is produced on-site where it is supplied to the process by a pipeline.

Gases Applications

  • Carbon dioxide/Argon Oxygen/Argon Helium/Argon – Welding shield gas
  • Carbon dioxide/Nitrogen Oxygen/Carbon Dioxide – Food packaging
  • Helium/Nitrogen Helium/Air – Leak detection
  • Oxygen/Nitrogen – Blanketing atmospheres
  • Nitrogen/Argon – Lamp filling
Praxair Gas Mixers