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Finding the Right Mild Steel for Your Process

Apr 19, 2022

Praxair provides three high-quality ER70S-6 wires for diverse applications.

A large number of fabricators across various markets depend on Praxair for high-quality welding and cutting products at the best value. Our products are available in a range of sizes and packages to provide the flexibility you need for your end-product requirements, but the key to attaining the best value is finding the steel wire that best suits your processes. With our ProStar™ Professional, ProStar Automotive, and Advantage™ ER70S-6 welding wires, we offer three excellent choices for consistent, high-quality welds, throughput and quality for automated welding processes.
Regardless of the arc transfer process you use or the position in which you weld, Praxair has the right product to help you improve and protect end-product quality. From short-circuit to spray and pulse-spray, Praxair welding wires provide consistent chemistry and mechanical performance as well as the desired operator appeal and weldability you need to increase throughput and productivity. With no cast or helix, you can avoid uneven wear on consumables which can cause arc wander, over-welding, feed issues and shut downs. Read below to see the advantages of each wire and how they may impact your welding process.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

ProStar Professional Welding Wire

Twist-free ProStar Professional is a higher strength welding wire for heavy structural welds. Among the advantages are high travel speeds, high disposition rates and superior weldability, including exceptional tie-in for a smooth, seamless look. This welding wire comes in various spool sizes and provides a reduced, cleaner spatter and reduced oxides for easier cleanup.

ProStar Automotive Welding Wire

ProStar Automotive welding wire is ideal for vertical down and multiple pass welding. This welding wire offers clean spatter and superior weldability.

Advantage Welding Wire
Praxair’s Advantage welding wire offers superior weldability in high CO2 argon blends and premium blends. Properties include a clean wire with repeatable performance and layer level wound spools that come in various sizes.
With Praxair’s ProStar Professional, ProStar Automotive and Advantage welding wires, we can help you remain competitive in the industry with predictable weld placement, reduced arc wander and over-welding, improved weld quality and less cost per foot of weld. Schedule a demo today and see how Praxair can help you improve your productivity.