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Abrasives are among the necessary tools and equipment for welding and cutting processing. Beyond providing clean surfaces for new welds, they can repair bad welds and deliver the final finish to completed parts. Fabrication shops, manufacturing facilities and maintenance operations rely on high-quality abrasive solutions to maximize productivity while minimizing operational costs.

At Linde Gas & Equipment, our experts understand the abrasives required to produce superior parts. We have years of experience helping customers find the abrasive solutions most beneficial to their unique applications. 

Types of Abrasive Products We Offer

Linde Gas & Equipment is a single source provider for your abrasive needs, from grinding and cutting, to buffing and polishing. Our abrasives pair with many of today's popular power tools to deliver outstanding performance for your operation. Explore our product selection:

Our grinding solutions include grinding wheels, flap discs, fiber discs, belts, and cartridge rolls, to meet all your finishing requirements.

Cutting products like cutoff discs and chop saw wheels are versatile solutions that help cut through complex metal substrates.

Wire wheels and wire brushes are essential for removing spatter and other excess materials before finishing or proceeding to the next welding cycle.

Our sanding products include sanding discs and sheets, abrasive bands, abrasive rolls, and pads and sponges.

Buffing and polishing solutions like high-performance polishing compounds, flap wheels, surface conditioning discs and hand pads are critical for achieving exceptional surface finishes.

Points, cones, and plugs are ideal for quickly removing material in tight spaces and hard-to-access areas that most other abrasives cannot reach.

Our deburring and surface preparation products include deburring wheels, carbide burrs and unitized wheels.

Linde Gas & Equipment's abrasive accessories range from backing pads and spiral band drums to adapters, arbors, and mandrels

Our Abrasive Manufacturing Partners

Linde Gas & Equipment's long-lasting partnerships with the industry's most reputable abrasive manufacturers enable us to offer high-quality products with competitive prices and fast lead times. Several of our premiere abrasive partners include:

United Abrasives

3M Cubitron

Norton abrasives

Walter Surface Technologies

Weiler Abrasives



Find Grinding Wheels, Sanding Discs and Other Abrasive Products at Linde Gas & Equipment

For decades, we have helped businesses across various industrial sectors grow and maintain their success by providing solutions that maximize productivity and increase quality. 

Check out our vast abrasive inventory and order your products today for quick delivery. If you have any questions, get in touch with us online for assistance or to request additional information.