ProNest­® Software

Increase material savings. Boost your productivity. Lower operating costs. Improve part quality.

Industry-leading Hypertherm® ProNest® is your single solution for every profile cutting need. Created for advanced mechanized plasma, oxy-fuel, laser, and waterjet cutting systems, ProNest puts the latest capabilities into your hands. ProNest helps fabricators and manufacturers in the CNC sheet and plate cutting industry increase material savings and improve productivity by offering the highest level of cutting expertise.

Powerful, high-quality and easy-to-use, ProNest LT is a CAD/CAM nesting software package designed for light industrial mechanized cutting with conventional plasma and oxy-fuel cutting machines.

Praxair Software


  • Automated CNC output
  • 5-axis plasma arc contourbevel program
  • Automated kerf compensation
  • Automated arc voltage height control
  • Single or multipass bevel
  • V, X, Y & K bevel cut parts
  • Rotation is controlled by the CNC 


ProStar Drilling Software

  • Automated CNC output for tool path
  • CAD office programming interface
  • High-accuracy on hole locations
  • Pre-drilling at pierce location for thick plate
  • Supports automatic tool selection for drills and taps
  • Counterboring / countersinking


Part No.CompatibilityPlasma Cutting

Oxy-Fuel Cutting

Laser Cutting



Part Design

CAD Import

3D CAD Modules

Manual Nesting

Automatic Nesting

Productivity Modules Enterprise Modules Advanced Process SetupReportingCostingQuoting




Support for all major machine brandsConventional +high definition YesYesYesYes


YesYesYesYesIncludes ERP/MRP Integration YesYesYesYes

ProNest LT



Support for all major machine brandsConventionalYesNoNoYesYesYesYesYesYesIncludes ERP/MRP IntegrationNoYesYesNo