Compressed Air Driers

Linde's compressed air dryers provide low-cost, point-of-use dry air supply to handle flow rates of up to 44 scfm.

Our Series D air dryers supply air, drier than -45°F without powder contamination, which is common in pressure swing desiccant driers, to help keep beam path optics clean. Inlet air to the LSU D13 air dryer should be free of solvents and freon, with less than 5 ppm of THC as vapor or 1 ppm droplets and less than 40°F dew point.

  • No moving parts or electricity
  • No desiccant powder
  • Not harmful to the environment

Available Options 

  • Regulator (HPS 300) manages outlet pressure from the D13 to the laser, if needed
  • Annual maintenance kit: order part number LSU 21010 – replace inlet air filters semiannually.

Other Models

  • D6, D18, D26, D40, D44
  • From 6 to 4 cfm at -40°F or drier


Operating Pressure100 PSIG150 PSIG
Pressure Dew Point
Feed Air Flow (scfm)Outlet Inlet Outlet Inlet
LSU D1313   1620   25
Praxair CO2 Laser Compressed Air Driers