Fiber Filter Panels

Extend Window Life & Protect Cut Consistency

LaserStar™ regulator/filter and filter panels protect your fiber laser from sub-micron particles. These particles, common dust, metallic dust or flakes are generally smaller than 40 micron, or invisible to the unaided human eye. The sources of these particulates are industrial gas components, such as check valves, safeties, gas lines, threaded fittings, ball valves, tanks and cryogenic pumps. Though they are crucial to the process, these components may release these particles following an installation and as they wear.


Linde's LaserStar regulator/filter panels (RFP) manage from two to four gases. Both our regulator/filter panels, and our standard filter panels, trap sub micron particles to help extend the life of your windows, while minimizing pressure drop and maintaining gas pressure and flow.
Praxair Filter Panels
Part No.Description 
PRX LSFP2Two-gas panel
PRX LSFP3Three-gas panel
PRX LSFP4Four-gas panel

The LaserStar filter panel is designed to trap sub-micron particles while minimizing pressure drop and maintaining the gas pressure and flow needed for precision laser cutting.


Part No.Description 
PRX LSFP2Two-gas regulator filter panel 
PRX LSFP3Three-gas regulator filter panel 
PRX LSFP4Four-gas regulator filter panel