ProStar™ 3D Pipe Cutting PRSPPRO512TRB

Vibration Free • Precise Pipe Rotation

Linde’s ProStar™ Piper Pro is designed to equip your shop with the benefits of two types of pipe cutters. This heavy-duty machine combines a chuck (for precision pipe rotation) with a roller-bed conveyor (for high-production volume). Pipe diameters up to 48 inches and 13 tons can be processed in a great variety of parts, lengths and profile shapes. Due to its multiple characteristics, sizes, and weight capacities, this machine is capable of meeting most parts specifications.

The ProStar Piper PRO12RB provides rapid, synchronized material loading and unloading. In addition, a patented biaxial cutting head can be used to cut with both oxy-fuel and plasma.

Standard Features

  • Plasma and oxy-fuel systems
  • Pipe roller bed conveyor
  • Main drive 3-jaw chuck
  • Synchronized infeed and outfeed tables
  • Cutting trolley
  • Deltatau® motion control
  • Control Techniques® electronics and motors
  • Wago® remote bus IO
  • Equipped with air conditioning
  • Network interface
  • Industrial PC with SSD drive
  • Touch screen operator controls
  • Built for 3 in. to 48 in. OD pipe and any practical length
3d pipe cutting machines by Praxair cut with plasma or oxyfuel and enable extreme accuracy with an optional bevel.

Machine Technical DataPositioningRepeatability 
Main Drive Rotation Ø 1200 MM0.020 in. 0.0010 in. 
Torch Jaw/Pitch Movement0.50°0.25°
Main Drive Up/Down Movement0.020 in. 0.0010 in. 
Cutting Trolley Longitudinal Movement0.020 in.0.0010 in.
Torch/Material Distance 0.0040 in. 0.020 in.

Standard Configuration 

Part No.Min Outer Dia.Max Outer Dia.

Max Pipe Weight

Max Pipe Lenght


3 in. 

75 mm

48 in. 

1225 mm

13.23 t

12 t

20 ft. - 40 ft. 

6 m - 12 m