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Fume and Dust Collectors

Maintaining air quality, a clean workspace, and employee health are critical to productivity. Designed for pollution control and product recovery, Linde offers a range of equipment to help you quickly resolve your plant’s dust, fume and mist problems. Our advanced filtration technologies deliver high-efficiency in a filter that lasts longer than competitive products. Cost-efficient motors combine high performance with low energy consumption.
ProStarGold dust collection systems deliver premium area-wide performance and safety.
Advanced dust collector filtration options offer efficiencies that exceed 99.99% at 0.5 microns.
The Gold Series X-Flo (GSX) industrial dust collector is built on 20 years of successful performance of our award-winning Gold Series system. It handles all kinds of toxic and combustible dusts and fumes, including fine, fibrous and heavy dust loads. GSX dust collectors effectively process dust while maintaining a low pressure drop. You get the maximum airflow and dust processing power for any given footprint.

Safe and Compliant

GSX dust collectors help you to meet OSHA mandates for indoor air quality. They are tested to meet NFPA and ATEX standards and are available with many explosion protection options including explosion vents, isolation valves, integrated safety monitoring filters, and fire-retardant filter cartridges. Camfil APC offers dust testing services and a fully equipped test lab that provides bench dust testing and ASHRAE Standard 199 testing.

Deflagration Venting Sequence

Minimizing structural and mechanical damage.

  • At the start up of a staged explosion, explosive dust is injected into the dust collector to create a flammable cloud.
  • Approximately 50 milliseconds later, the dust ignites and the vent opens.
  • The flame is diverted away from the dust collector to a safe area.
  • The smoke quickly clears. The entire event occurs in approximately 150 milliseconds.
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