ProStarâ„¢ EDS

The EDS is a free-standing, general welding fume filtration system that prevents accumulation of welding fume by continuous filtration of polluted air. It consists of a central filter unit, a fan in a sound absorbing case, an outlet unit with adjustable outlet nozzles, a silencer and a system control panel with frequency inverter and PLC. The EDS is available with new filter controls, including the ControlPro, an intuitive touchscreen interface that provides an at-a-glance view of system performance and current operational status.

The welding fume filter unit is provided with a spark arrestor and filter cartridges. It contains the RoboCleanPlus system for automatic section-wide cleaning of the filter cartridges by compressed air. The dust and dirt particles are cleaned from the filter and end up in the dust bin underneath.
The fan speed is pressure controlled.

Standard Features

  • Tangential-flow inlet spark arrestor / baffle system
  • Automated filter cleaning system; timed and/or pressure controlled
  • Intelligent control system with remote HMI; can be networked
  • Pressure-controlled speed to maintain consistent air flow
Praxair ProStar EDS

Standard Configuration 

Specifications Filter Cartridges Blower Power Airflow Rate Required Compressed Air Sound Level Weight Throw Distance 
EPSPROCellulose fiber, 2 x 807 sq. ft. surface area 10 HP, direct drive, radial blower at 50 Hz460 V / 3 Ph / 60 Hz at 15A5,300 CFM airflow 1/2 in. NPT compressed air connection; 80 - 90 PSI required. Less than 69 dB(A) 1,765 lbs.Maximum 164 ft. 

Specifications subject to change without notice.