What is the Material Compatibility for Elastomers?

Key to Materials Compatibility

SSatisfactory for use with the intended gas.
CConditional. May be incompatible under some circumstances or conditions. Contact your Linde representative for additional information.
UUnsatisfactory for use with the intended gas.
IInsufficient data available to determine compatibility with the intended gas.
OAll nonmetallic, even those considered compatible, may be ignitable in oxygen enriched environments or in other oxidizing gases. Successful use depends upon oxygen purity, pressure, temperature, cleanliness and elimination of ignition mechanisms. Please contact your Linde Representative for additional information.


Common NameChemical FormulaKalrez®Viton®Buna-NNeoprenePolyurethane
Acetylene C2H2SUUUU
Arsine AsH3SSSSU
Boron Trichloride BCl3CSUUI
Boron TrifluorideBF3CSUUI
1,3-Butadiene C4H6ISUUU
Butane C4H10SSSSS
1-Butene C4H8SSSUS
Carbon DioxideCO2SSUUS
Carbon MonoxideCOSSSUS
Diborane B2H6SIIII
Dichlorosilane H2SiCl2ISSSI
Disilane Si2H6ISISI
Ethane C2H6SSSUS
Ethylene C2H4SSSSI
Halocarbon 14CF4ISSSI
Halocarbon 22 CHClF2CUUCU
Halocarbon 23 CHF3ISIII
Halocarbon 116 C2F6CSSSS
Halocarbon 134A CH2FCF3IIUUI
Halocarbon 218 C3F8ISSSI
Hydrogen BromideHBrIUUUI
Hydrogen ChlorideHClSUUUU
Hydrogen SulfideH2SiCl2SUUUS
Isobutane C4H10 SSSSS
IsobutyleneC4H8 SSSUI
KryptonKr SSSSS
Medifume™ Mixture -CSSSS
MethaneCH4 SSSSS
Methyl Chloride CH3Cl SSUUU
Nitric OxideNOSSUUI
Nitrogen Dioxide NO2CUUUU
Nitrogen Trifluoride NF3IIIII
Nitrous Oxide N2OCOUUU
Oxyfume® Mixture-CUUUU
Pentane C5H12SS   
Phosphine PH3USSSS
Propane C3H8 ISSUI
Propylene C3H6 SSUUU
Silane SiH4 ISSSI
Silicon Tetrachloride SiCl4 CSUUI
Sulfur Dioxide SO2 SUUUS
Sulfur Hexafluoride SF6 CSSSS
Trichlorosilane HSiCl3 CSUUI
Tungsten Hexafluoride WF6 IIUUI

Note: These charts have been prepared for use with dry (anhydrous) gases at normal operating temperature of 70 °F (21 °C). Information may vary if different operating conditions exist. Systems and equipment used in oxidizer gas service (e.g., Oxygen or Nitrous Oxide) must be cleaned for oxygen service.