How Do I Set Up My Wallet?

Step 1: When logged in to your account, navigate to your Account page and click on the Wallet arrow.

Click on Wallet Arrow

In the Wallet, you have the option of adding Credit Cards and Banks Accounts with which to pay your invoices.

Add Credit Cards and Bank Accounts

Step 2: To add a credit card to your Wallet, click on “Add Credit Card.”

Add Credit Card

Step 3: Enter in the Name on the credit card and confirm or add a new billing address, then click Continue. You may also set this as the default card.

Enter Credit Card Information

Step 4: Enter in the Card number, Expiration date and CSC (3-digit security code), then click Verify Card.

Enter Card Details

You will see your new card listed in the Credit Cards tab in your Wallet.

New Credit Card

Step 2: To add a bank account to your Wallet, click on “Add Bank Account.”

Add bank account

Step 6: Choose if the Bank Account belongs to a Person or Company, then enter the Routing Transit Number, Account Number and choose the Type of Account (Checking or Savings). You may set this as the default bank account at this time.

Bank account details

You will see your new account listed in the Banks Accounts tab.

New bank account