Propane (C3H8) is a colorless, flammable, liquefied gas with a distinct odor. The flame temperature of the oxy-propane flame is lower when compared with the acetylene and FG-2. The primary flame releases less BTU when compared with FG-2 or acetylene, which increases preheat time. Propane is commonly used by scrap yards for cutting of carbon steel where the cut quality is less critical. Where cut quality is not a concern, propane may be a cost-effective fuel gas. Grade T supply hose is necessary when cutting with propane.


Propane Cylinder Transportation Information

Chemical FormulaC3H8
Minimum Purity80% - 99.0%
Cylinder CGA Outlet510
CAS Number74-98-6
UN Number1978
US DOT NamePropane
US DOT LabelFlammable Gas
US DOT Class2.1 Flammable Gas

Propane Cylinder Information

Cylinder StyleCylinder Capacity (lb)*Pressure at 70°F (21C°) (psig/kPa)Part Number
FX100110/757PR 100
FC50110/757PR 50
F3333110/757PR 33

*1 lb = 8.76 cubic feet