Stargon CS Welding Gas Blend

Gas for Carbon Steel MIG Welding

The Linde Stargon® CS shielding gas blend, a precise mixture of argon, carbon dioxide and oxygen, is a universal shielding gas for joining all types of carbon steel. Linde Stargon CS can be used in the Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) process with all modes of metal-transfer (spray, pulsed spray, short-circuiting). Stargon CS produces good arc characteristics and excellent weld mechanical properties.

Mixtures containing these three components are versatile, due to their ability to operate using short-circuiting, globular, spray, pulsed, and high-density transfer modes. Several ternary compositions are available and their application depends on the desired metal transfer mode.

The advantage of this blend is its ability to shield carbon steel and low-alloy steel of all thicknesses using any metal transfer mode applicable. Linde's Stargon CS produces good welding characteristics and mechanical properties on carbon low-alloy steels and some stainless steels. On thin gauge base metals, the oxygen constituent assists arc stability at very low current levels (30 to 60 amps) permitting the arc to be kept short and controllable. This helps minimize excessive melt-through and distortion by lowering the total heat input into the weld zone. Stargon is generally used for spray arc welding, providing high deposition rates and often higher travel speeds than carbon dioxide.

Features and Benefits

Product FeaturesBenefits
Multipurpose/UniversalCan be used for all types of GMAW/wide operating range.
“One gas mix does it all.”Optimized mix for a variety of shop applications.
Good wetting Characteristics.
Low oxidizing potential.
Good bead profile. Excellent surface appearance.
Controlled CO2 and O2 additionsPermits a short, controllable arc length for use on thin gauge material; optimum penetration.
High productivity/ideally suited for robotics20-30% improvement in weld travel speed vs. CO2.
Low fume levels50-100% lower fume levels when compared with CO2 shielding.

Typical Applications

  • Short arc, pulsed and spray arc transfer for joining various thickness steel sections for mobile cranes, earth-moving and farm equipment.
  • For thin gauge carbon steel pipe used in sprinkler systems, auto-body repair.
  • Universal performance features make Linde Stargon gas blend ideal for robotic arc applications.
  • Can be used with specially formulated flux-cored and metal-cored wires.


MixtureStargon® CS
Ar Composition %90
CO2 Composition %8
O2 Composition %2
Cylinder StyleT
Volume (ft3)344
Pressure (psig)2,640
Part NumberAR STAR29-T
More InformationStargon CS Datasheet
Stargon CS Brochure