Dura-Cyl® Premium Liquid Containers

dura-cyl premium liquid containersSpecifications (Dewars, VGLs, GP45)

Premium Liquid Cylinders The Dura-Cyl series is a premium transportable liquid cylinder for cryogenic service. The patented internal support system design and quality construction makes the Dura-Cyl series one of the most efficient yet rugged cylinder on the market today.

The Dura-Cyl series cylinders are user friendly cryogenic cylinders that perform well in the metal fabrication industry and are especially suited for use in the field. When your need is for a low to medium pressure gas supply, and cylinders or packs aren't enough, Dura-Cyl liquid cylinders are an excellent choice.

Product Highlights

  • Ideal for liquid nitrogen, oxygen, argon, CO2 or nitrous oxide
  • Different sizes, pressures, and features to meet your needs
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Patented durable, inner-vessel support system
  • Heavy-duty footring and large diameter handling ring with four supports
  • Roto-tel liquid level gauge system (MP & HP models only)
  • Five-year vacuum warranty


The Roto-Tel offers improved accuracy and expanded gauge ranges for better resolution.


LCCM models have an integral mounted combination pressure control regulator, isolation valve, and a calibrated dome control knob.


Dura-Cyl LP models feature the “sight gauge” liquid level indicator and a liquid globe valve with an extended stem for less ice build-up on the handle with easier operation.


MCR models have a combination pressure control regulator with an exclusive calibrated micrometer adjusting screw.

Specifications (Dewars, VGLs, GP45)

Model 180L180L180L200L200L200L
Liquid (Gross)(liters)196196196209209209
Liquid (Net)(liters)185185185196196196
Gas (N2)ft3/Nm3 4,099/1083,864/102 4,375/1154,072/108
Gas (O2)ft3/Nm4 5,096/1344,843/127 5,435/1435,048/133
Gas (Ar)ft3/Nm5 4,961/1304,709/124 5,290/1394,932/130
Gas (CO2)ft3/Nm6  3,766/99  4,011/105
Gas (N2O)ft3/Nm7  3,574/94  3,810/100
NER (N2)% per day1.
NER (O2- Ar)% per day11.
NER (CO2 - N2O)% per day  0.5  0.5
Gas Flow (N2, O2, Ar)SCFH/Nm3/hr 350/9.2350/9.2 400/10.5400/10.5
Gas Flow (CO2, N2O)SCFH/Nm3/hr  110/2.9  110/2.9
Dimensions and Pressure Ratings       
Relief Valve Settingpsig/barg22/1.5230/16350/2422/1.5230/16350/24
DOT/TC Rating 4L1004L2004L2924L1004L2004L292
Tare Weightlb/kg210/95.2260/117.9300/136.1210/95.2280/126.9320/145.1
Full Weight (N2)lb/kg540/245557/253580/263559/253.5597/271618/280
Full Weight (O2)lb/kg676/307682/309701/318706/320.2730/331747/339
Full Weight (Ar)lb/kg778/354773/351787/357821/372.4827/375839/380
Full Weight (CO2)lb/kg  731/331  779/353
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