Genuine OEM Plasma Consumables

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Genuine OEM consumables from Linde keep your plasma cutting system running at peak performance. Linde provides the highest quality consumables from the leading names in plasma arc technology.

Plasma Consumables

Linde engineers test and select precision-made OEM consumables to help you improve quality–and your bottom line.

  • Engineered for enhanced cutting performance
  • Built to wear better and last longer
  • Highest manufacturing standards and quality
  • Delivered direct to your shop by Linde

Consumable performance and lifespan are directly related to how well you care for the most critical components in your torch.

Changing consumables frequently ensures exceptional cut quality, but changing them before they reach end-of-life is costly.

Genuine OEM Plasma Consumable products

1. Electrode

The electrode is the starting point of the plasma arc. The function of the electrode is to provide power to the arc.

Electrode wear can be observed by examining the plasma arc attachment point–a small cylindrical insert in the tip of the electrode made of a material with a high melting point like tungsten or hafnium.

  • Periodically check the attachment point for signs of erosion
  • The insert will slowly erode, forming a small pit in the front of the electrode
  • Electrodes should only be changed when the pit depth exceeds .040”

2. Nozzle

A new nozzle has a perfectly round orifice with sharpe inside and outsideedges, ensuring optimal cut quality.

The most common reason for poor nozzle performance is incorrect match-up of consumables. Nozzles can also be damaged when:

  • Piercing and cutting too close to the workpiece metal
  • Piercing metal thicker than the maximum recommended thickness
  • Using incorrect gas settings
  • Amperage or current is set too high

3. Swirl Ring

The main function of the swirl ring is to control the swirling action of the plasma gas flow around the electrode.

The swirling action centers the cutting arc on the electrode and through the nozzle. It also constricts the cutting arc for faster cut speeds and thicker cut capability.

  • Swirl rings made of ceramic can be fragile
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