See How Praxair Takes Robotic Welding to the Next Level at FABTECH 2021

Apr 19, 2022, 15:44 PM by System
Less than one week to get your tickets to FABTECH 2021! Our Praxair representatives have an array of fabrication solutions to showcase, including the ProStar™ Lancer™ COBOT welding system. Come see how we take robotic welding to the next level.

In less than one week, FABTECH, North America's largest metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing event, will return to Chicago’s McCormick Place from September 13-16. With a wide offering of exhibitions and conference programs, FABTECH provides a convenient ‘one-stop shop’ venue where you can meet with world-class suppliers, see the latest industry products and developments and find the tools to improve productivity, increase profits and discover new solutions to help you stay ahead of the competition. 

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Attendees of FABTECH 2021 will have the opportunity to explore a display of over 400 new products and technologies across every facet of the industry, from high-speed fiber laser cutting machines to automated robotic welding systems, tube bending machines and new software solutions.

Benefits of Collaborative Robots

Collaborative robots take operations to the next level. They work hand in hand with humans balancing the imperative for safety with the need for flexibility and productivity. With collaborative robots, the operator can give the part directly to the robot and never has to leave the workspace – reducing time, cost and floor space.

Collaborative robots also help reduce some of the environmental and spatial troubles traditional robots may cause. Most collaborative robots don’t require a hefty setup process and are flexible to adjust to different environments.

Ask About Our ProStar™ Lancer™ COBOT Welding System 

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Being exhibited at FABTECH 2021 is the ProStar™ Lancer™ COBOT welding system by Praxair (known as Linde beginning October 11, 2021). Designed for smaller, complex operations to help operators reduce time and costs, the Lancer COBOT (COllaborative RoBOT) welding system makes welding automation affordable and accessible. With a 48-by-48-inch workspace, 5/8-inch peg tooling compatibility, 500-amp Binzel® air-cooled welding torch, built-in water cutting table and ready integration for Hypertherm® Powermax® cutting systems, Praxair’s COBOT system is ready to help you improve the productivity of your repetitive processes.

We are looking forward to attending FABTECH 2021 with a chance to reconnect with our valued customers. Visit our team at Booth 20025.

Visit Us at FABTECH 2021

Get your tickets before it’s too late! Our Praxair representatives have an array of innovative fabrication solutions to showcase, including CNC plasma cutting systems, welding automation systems and various welding gas technology. Pricing information on all FABTECH conference programs, including multi-session discounts can be found here. For more information about conference sessions and registration information, visit