A Cleaner, Better Resonator Gas

Apr 19, 2022, 15:44 PM by System
In order to ensure your laser runs smoothly, regular maintenance is required. Here’s how you can cut down costly maintenance time with Praxair’s LaserStar 5.5 Resonator Gas.

a-cleaner-better-resonator-gas-header-512x512Cut Down Costly Maintenance Time with Praxair’s LaserStar™ 5.5 Resonator Gas

Your laser is a high performance, fine tuned machine. In order to ensure it runs smoothly, regular maintenance is required. Failure to perform regular maintenance can result in system problems and impact your final product quality. When you invest a substantial amount of money in a piece of equipment, like a laser, maintenance time is a given. Uptime is the key to your productivity and ability to move product through your facility. Over time, contaminants like moisture, hydrocarbons, halo carbons and other impurities threaten the up time of your laser. These impurities pass through your resonator chamber and can damage your expensive mirrors and optics. Crucial to your beam power and beam stability, optics and mirrors provide the foundation for cut quality and speed. With an industry standard resonator gas, optics and mirrors get dirtier quicker and more maintenance is required – and more often. Meaning these contaminants impact your process quality, costing you resources and time. Praxair’s LaserStar 5.5 resonator gas, helps you avoid more frequent, productivity eating maintenance, helping your laser operate at peak performance, for longer periods of time.

A Cutting-edge Answer

Nearly 10 times cleaner than the minimum industry standard, Praxair’s patented LaserStar 5.5 resonator gas (a 99.9995 percent pure, pre-blended mixture of helium, nitrogen and carbon dioxide) is specially designed to help extend the life of your expensive consumables and parts, equates to less repairs at maintenance check ups. With LaserStar 5.5 resonator gas, it takes 20 cylinders to introduce the same level of contaminants in just two cylinders of the industry standard resonator gas.

A Productivity Solution for the Long Haul

While less maintenance time and increased peak performance provides instant gratification for any metfab operation, the true benefit behind Praxair’s LaserStar 5.5 gas is the improved productivity over the long haul and the positive impact to your bottom line.

Benefits of Praxair’s LaserStar 5.5 Resonator Gases:

  • Patented mixture and blending technology — US6985507 B2 and US7058108
  • 10 times cleaner than minimum industry standards
  • No more than 5 ppm of contaminants (moisture, hydrocarbons and halo carbons combined)
  • Helps lower laser maintenance costs
  • Helps extends resonator operating life
  • Helps keeps optics and bend mirrors cleaner, longer