Cut Out Barriers to Cutting Precision and Efficiency

Apr 19, 2022, 15:44 PM by System
Are you as productive as you could be? Praxair can help you automate your cutting process and enhance performance with our ProStar PRS800HD CNC plate processing system. Learn more about it in our newest blog.

Success in fabrication shops and industrial construction is about precision and efficiency, and that starts with the equipment. Common for industries such as steel service centers, bridge construction and shipbuilding, CNC plasma cutting tables help automate the cutting process to achieve consistency, precision and efficiency in all of your plate processing.

The Praxair ProStar™ line of heavy-duty plasma and flame cutting systems are manufactured to the highest standards in order to meet your most demanding metal fabrication needs. Whether you need high-definition plasma or oxy-fuel flame cutting, or if your requirements include beveling, drilling, tapping and other multi-function processes, Praxair has the right machine for you.

Praxair's ProStar PRS800HD CNC plate processing system is a recognized leader for precision and performance that combines advanced motion control, high-definition plasma cutting, contour plasma bevel cutting and oxy-fuel cutting with up to two available 40 hp mechanical drill stations. Its rugged twin beam construction incorporates components and features that can be configured in widths from 10 to 40 feet and in lengths up to 300 feet. The PRS800 CNC cutting system is installed with high-tech CNC controls using your choice of the Hypertherm® EDGE Connect® with Pro Nest® cutting software or the recently introduced ProStar Insight CNC control with Steel Solution software. The PRS800HD is customizable to meet your cutting, drilling and beveling production requirements.

Praxair PRS800HD Blog Image

Features and Benefits

Beveling and High-Speed Drilling Stations

  • Increases throughput/productivity
  • Reduces material handling

Exceptional Cut Quality

  • Reduces angularity and nearly eliminates dross
  • Reduces rework and post weld clean up

Improved Torch Design

  • Extends life of consumables
  • Reduces consumables costs

Experts in CNC Cutting

For over 100 years, customers have turned to Praxair for our industrial gases and equipment. Are you as productive as you could be? Praxair can help you automate your cutting process and enhance performance. Contact your local Praxair representative today or call us at 1-800-225-8247 to ask how the PRS800HD cutting table can help you increase productivity and lower your cost of operations.