Breathe New Life into Your CNC Machine with Linde's CNC Cutting System Retrofit Service

Apr 19, 2022, 15:44 PM by System
Retrofitting your current cutting machine can increase cutting quality and productivity and help you maximize performance. Linde can help breathe new life into your older CNC cutting machines with a complete overhaul performed at your facility.

CNC Cutting Systems are among the most vital—and costly—pieces of equipment on the plant floor. For most companies, they represent significant capital investments and therefore must maintain their performance for many years. Upgrading to the latest technologies with a CNC cutting machine retrofit is one way companies are successfully extending the life of their machines. 


Retrofitting your current cutting machine with upgraded technology can increase cutting quality and productivity and help you maximize performance. Even if your machine is running at full capacity, if it’s not equipped with the latest technology and innovation, you could be operating at a reduced rate and leaving money on the table.

Linde can help breathe new life into your older CNC cutting machines with a complete overhaul performed at your facility. We can retrofit and replace controls, drives, gearboxes, motors and plasma or oxy-fuel systems so that your rebuilt machine can perform at today’s standards for a fraction of what a new CNC cutting system would cost. But why stop there?

Linde can also add productivity enhancements to your machine such as hole cutting or beveling capabilities, as well as additional cutting stations or lifters. Your rebuilt cutting machine can be configured to cut with high-definition precision, reducing scrap and rework, while extending plasma consumables life. In the end, your bottom line will thank you.

Benefits of a CNC Retrofit

While there have been advances in machine tool and CNC technologies in the last 20 years, not all of the technology advances will be relevant to every machine application, so it is important to determine the need and value of each component before moving forward. Anticipated benefits could possibly include a lower cost investment than purchasing a new machine, improvement in uptime and availability, higher performance and better processes. 

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1. Lower Costs

A retrofit or rebuild costs a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new machine. There is not only a difference in purchase price, but also a difference in costs of any new tooling requirements, replacement of special foundations and associated training for the operators and maintenance personnel. Additionally, system rebuilds to like-new condition can be reliable, reducing ongoing operational costs.

2. Performance

When it comes to a CNC retrofit, a significant portion of the benefits brought to your shop will be due to an upgrade in the servo and spindle systems to a higher-speed digital interface. Retrofitting a machine with modern controls will extend the useful life of the machine.

3. Access to New Features

There have been many technological advances to support the evolution of cutting processes. Numerous features have been added to the CNC to reduce setup, minimize downtime, increase processing speeds, minimize interruptions and improve setup and production part yields. 

4. Reduced Unplanned Downtime

Modern CNC cutting machines often have a much higher MTBF (Meantime Between Failures) than legacy CNCs. Advanced operator and maintenance screens can provide graphic representation of faults and show solutions on how to resolve them in a timely manner. For example, new CNC features provide tools to minimize operator input errors and other process related operations that may prevent the downtime that results from a crash. 

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Linde Rebuilds and Returns 

You can gain many years of service and competitive performance from your existing CNC cutting machine with a top-to-bottom overhaul and equipment upgrade from Linde. Linde can retrofit a new controller and software, CNC drive, motor system, height control and plasma arc system with linear or five-axis beveling, torch system, hole-cutting technology, rails, precision gear rack gantry, drill station and more. No matter the size of your shop or the size of your needs, with a full range of heavy-duty CNC cutting equipment, gases and consumables, Linde has the right CNC cutting solution for you.