Efficiency Gains for a Modest Investment with Lancer™ COBOT Welding Systems

Apr 19, 2022, 15:44 PM by System
With their ability to learn multiple tasks that directly assist humans while working interactively in close proximity, the Lancer™ COBOT welding system helps operators reduce time, costs and floor space.

Many metal fabricators can benefit from the addition of a robotic cell for welding repeatable parts. Augmenting manual processes with automation can improve throughput and product-quality, as well as lower production costs. However, capital equipment costs and lack of shop floor space can make this inaccessible. Additionally, operations dealing with high-mix, low-volume work stream may have a hard time finding the right solution. 

Collaborative Robots (COBOTs) are rapidly becoming more widely used across industries to help address these issues. In fact, Interact Analysis forecasts that COBOTs will account for 30% of the total robot market by 2027. What’s driving this positive growth?  

Lancer Cobot Robot

A COBOT is designed to work with people – not replace them. Collaboration with human workers is the prime distinction between the COBOT and robot. Robots used in manufacturing typically function in isolation from human contact, whereas COBOTs have the capability to learn multiple tasks that directly assist humans and also work interactively in close proximity to their human counterparts. With collaborative robots, the operator can give the part directly to the robot and never has to leave the workspace – reducing time, cost and floor space.

Collaborative robots also help reduce some of the environmental and spatial troubles traditional robots may cause. Most collaborative robots don’t require a hefty setup process and are flexible to adjust to different environments.

Linde’s Lancer™ COBOT (COllaborative RoBOT)

Linde’s Lancer™ COBOT (COllaborative roBOT) is designed for smaller, complex operations. With its 48 inch by 48 inch workspace, 5/8 inch peg tooling compatibility, 500 amp BINZEL® air-cooled welding torch, compact footprint and accommodation for either Miller® or Lincoln® MIG welding systems, Linde’s COBOT system is ready to help you improve the productivity of your tough or complex processes. 

Linde’s Lancer COBOT (COllaborative roBOT) system features:

  • UR10e universal COBOT
  • Programmable by pendant or by hand
  • 48 in. x 48 in. work area with 5/8 in peg hole compatibility
  • Linear, circular and weave (coming soon) weld motion
  • 2 in. x 2in. grid CNC precision, hole diameter 0.625 (5/8) in.
  • 500 amp BINZEL air-cooled welding torch
  • Ready integration for Miller® Invision® 352 MPA
  • Built-in water cutting table and ready integration for Hypertherm® Powermax® cutting systems


Simple or complex, the Lancer COBOT system’s 5/8 inch peg hole compatibility and available tooling allows you to quickly setup and adjust to your parts as needs change. Quickly reprogram using the pendant or by hand for short runs of repeatable parts while ensuring high quality welds.

Add Plasma Cutting Capabilities

The addition of a Hyptertherm® Powermax® plasma cutting system makes your COBOT system a complete metal fabrication platform. Hypertherm consumable technology provides for fast cutting speeds and precise cut quality.

Under the peghole work area table is a built-in water cutting table. Add a Hypertherm Powermax plasma cutting system with a machine torch to your COBOT platform, and it becomes a complete fabrication system capable of repeatable high-quality cuts and welds.

Linde Knows Welding

Collaborative robots are automated solutions designed to work with and alongside the human workforce, making their jobs easier by completing monotonous or physically demanding tasks. Contact your local Linde representative today or call us at 1-800-225-8247 to find out how we can help your automated welding operation meet the demand for fast, high-quality welds.