Manipulate Your Welding for Greater Productivity with the PROSTAR™ MIG Boom Manipulator

Apr 19, 2022, 15:44 PM by System
Linde's PROSTAR™ PRSWSM200 MIG welding boom system is ideal for busy shops where space is limited and maximum arc-on time is required and helps make previously hard-to-reach weld processes more convenient.
Manipulators improve fabricators’ ability to weld larger, repetitive pieces and structures. They allow users to mount process equipment such as sub-arc wire feeders and flux hoppers or MIG wire feeders and spools of wire to a cross beam. This allows operators to vary the height and reach of their welding equipment and to adjust them with repeatable results, thus improving the throughput ability of facilities, as well as product quality consistency. 


One of the most common types of manipulators is the boom and column manipulator. MIG welding is a versatile process, but the bulk of the equipment and limiting length of MIG guns can make working around large workpieces difficult. This is where the column and boom manipulators are advantageous. Column and boom welding manipulators are a versatile and rugged solution that can provide up to 20-feet of lift and reach to the welding equipment, which improves consistency and accuracy by bringing the welding head to the weld area. 

prostar MIG welding boom


Applicable in tank and vessel construction, trailer and rail car fabrication and pipeline fit-ups, Linde’s PROSTAR PRSWSM200 MIG welding boom system is ideal for busy shops where space is limited and maximum arc-on time is required. The PRSWSM200 system helps make previously hard-to-reach weld processes, such as internal and external circumferential welds, more convenient.

Customizable boom end mounts, double articulation and smooth motion make the PRSWSM200 MIG boom system the ideal choice for heavy fabricators who require exceptional configurability to ensure a work area with no dead zones.

Features of the PRSWSM200

  • Adjustable drag brake for boom and column resistance
  • Customizable boom end mounts using two rotating equipment platforms
  • Smooth motion from tapered roller bearings
  • Supports loads up to 250 lbs.
  • Adjustable lifting eye
  • Column knuckle lock (pull and twist for free rotation)
  • Total coverage – double articulated boom reduces dead zones in your work area
  • Integrated cable management channels
  • Adjustable hitch-pin height adjustment
  • Two equipment mounting locations (platforms rotate with column)
  • 16 ft. or custom radius
  • Concrete-filled counterweight base with forklift pockets on all sides

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Column and boom welding manipulators are a great addition to any shop which makes them perfect for all your pipe and tank welding applications. Contact your local Linde representative today to find out how we can streamline your work for increased productivity.