Help Position Your Operation for Automation Success with Linde’s Positioning Solutions

Apr 19, 2022, 15:44 PM by System
Linde is committed to making metal fabrication and welding facilities – both large production plants and small shops – the most productive they can be by bringing industry-leading automated and synchronized material positioning equipment.

Improving throughput, quality and safety are challenges that today’s fabricators are constantly facing. The larger the weldments and fixtures, the larger the hazards and the greater the frustration with out-of-position orientation. Overall, this means more time is wasted while welding. 

The use of weld positioning equipment is one way that fabricators can make parts more quickly and safely than when manually positioning welding equipment around the weldment. They facilitate higher productivity and help automate tasks that would be difficult without rotational capabilities, making them a foundational part of most robotic welding systems. 

Linde LJ positioners

Linde is committed to making the country’s metal fabrication and welding facilities – both large production plants and small shops – the most productive they can be by bringing industry-leading automated and synchronized material positioning equipment to market, including positioning solutions by LJ Welding Automation (LJ). Offering everything from a wide range of standard welding equipment and large scale, custom-engineered solutions, to short- and medium-term rental opportunities, Linde can help provide a safer, more efficient way to position industrial materials for welding or cutting.

Automate Your Workflow Process

All LJ positioners are built with powered, variable-speed rotation in either direction and can be controlled remotely using various hand or foot switch options. This gives you and your team the ultimate control, while reducing your labor costs, saving you money and making your shop more productive.

Additionally, Linde’s full suite of LJ automated positioning equipment has been designed to be compatible with your already automated processes, including your welding tables. Using a proprietary software interface, a positioner can “plug-in” to your existing automation, further reducing your skilled labor needs in times of shortage.

Custom Welding Positioners

Linde supplies top-quality welding equipment for your shop to greatly enhance your operational productivity.  Automate and increase welding productivity with state-of-the-art welding positioners designed for a diverse range of weld positioning applications. LJ positioners can plug into your existing automated welding or cutting equipment and can be implemented as an add-on or used as a stand-alone piece of equipment. 

Linde LJ positioners2

Designed for cumbersome, heavy work pieces, gear tilt positioners are used for powered variable speed tilting and rotation.

Used for extremely cost-effective pipe spooling and the turning of heavy pipe, elbows and fittings.

Turning rolls feature three-position wheel spacing de-signed so that the load will always be centered on the rolls. Urethane wheels protect the workpiece. We have a range of turning rolls with full height adjustability, wheel mount bases, powered wheel spacing and leveling features.

Also known as tabletop positioners, these are used to turn small pipe or fittings when powerful turning torque and tilting functions are required in a light-weight package.

Welding pipe stands are used for rolling pipe, sup-porting pipe and handling pipe safely and efficiently. Linde offers a wide range of roller stand options for any pipe diameter and weight.

Rotary turntables are used for precise positioning of the workpiece in the flat or horizontal position. Our ultra-low-profile turntables are the lowest profile turntables available today.

Improve Business Efficiencies with Robotic Welding Technology

From custom-engineered to rental equipment, a fully automated shop is now within reach, whether you are a large metal fabrication operation or a smaller custom shop. With Linde’s positioning solutions, you can leverage the full productivity an automated shop offers, reducing your labor costs, while offering a safer working environment.
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