Power Up Your Plasma: Introducing the POWERMAX SYNC™ Series by HYPERTHERM®

Apr 19, 2022, 15:44 PM by System
Featuring built-in intelligence and a single-piece cartridge consumable, the new POWERMAX SYNC™ series by HYPERTHERM is unlike any other plasma system before it, helping to streamline consumable inventory, lower operating costs and maximize performance.

The next generation of POWERMAX65®/85/105 systems is unlike any plasma system before it. Featuring built-in intelligence and a single-piece cartridge consumable, the POWERMAX SYNC™ series helps to address skilled labor shortages with its simplified system operation. Additionally, this new platform helps to streamline consumable inventory, lower operating costs and maximize performance and productivity.

The versatility of POWERMAX SYNC technology meets the application needs of both handheld and mechanized users – from single owner/operators, to large multi-system installations. Users can benefit from the ease-of-use features and productivity gains provided by the POWERMAX SYNC system, which are driven by the innovation built into the cartridge, torch and power supply. For larger operators, or for those who track production and performance data, the information provided by the systems will provide helpful insight for improving their operation. 

hypertherm sync

Reduce Errors

  • Single-piece color-coded cartridge reduces consumable mix-ups, simplifies inventory management, and makes it easy to find the right cartridge consumable.
  • SMARTSYNC™ torch minimizes setup errors by automatically setting the correct amperage, air pressure and operating mode.
  • Embedded technology tells you when the cartridge is completely used up and ready to be replaced.

Minimize Operating Costs

  • Simplified operation minimizes downtime, troubleshooting, waste and training time.
  • Advanced cartridge consumable provides up to twice the life for hand cutting and improved quality over life in mechanized setups compared to standard consumables.
  • Cartridge data helps you track performance and analyze patterns helping you improve.

Maximize Performance

  • Interchangeable torches and application-specific cartridges allow you to tackle a range of jobs from cutting and gouging to flush cutting.
  • Time-saving controls directly on the torch make it easy to adjust the amperage and change the cartridge without returning to the power supply.
  • Single-piece cartridge allows you change out consumables in seconds, instead of minutes.

Enjoy Industry-leading Reliability

  • Systems are designed with the same industry-leading reliability POWERMAX™ systems are known for.
  • Systems are engineered for rugged, industrial environments with SPRINGSTART™ technology to deliver consistent starting and a more reliable torch.


With these benefits combined, the technology behind the POWERMAX SYNC systems makes overall system operation easier and more cost effective. POWERMAX SYNC systems provide a unique competitive advantage while solving matters that include optimizing performance and when to change consumables. For more information, contact your Linde representative to order or for more information.