Portable Productivity with Praxair-On-Demand

Apr 19, 2022, 15:44 PM by System
Praxair-On-Demand (POD™) provides all the benefits of traditional microbulk systems with an added benefit – portability. Check out our new blog to learn more.

A few weeks ago, we published a blog featuring Praxair's microbulk gas delivery system – an on-site solution that helps ensure uninterrupted supply of gas for your business. With a microbulk system, there are no cylinder exchanges. Your tank remains on-site and a microbulk truck refills your tank as needed, minimizing downtime associated with changeouts.

Praxair-On-Demand (POD™) provides all the benefits of traditional microbulk systems with an added benefit – portability. Both innovative and flexible, the POD system does not require any site preparation, can be easily transported while full and helps ensure consistent gas supply to your facility.

At a Glance – Features and Benefits

Praxair-On-Demand, Praxair's portable microbulk gas delivery system, provides construction companies, ship builders and heavy fabricators with an alternative to single cylinders, cylinder packs and portable liquid vessels system. It also:

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  • Maximizes safety by minimizing employee handling and transporting of cylinders
  • Provides consistent product quality, including argon/CO2 blends or pure argon
  • Uses GPS tracking to simplify asset management
  • Leverages cellular telemetry for supply monitoring and automatic order generation to help minimize downtime
  • Utilizes a switchover box for uninterrupted gas supply and seamless changeouts

Improved Productivity – Wherever and Whenever You Need It

The POD system simultaneously delivers argon and argon/CO2 blends at 600-950 cubic feet per hour, enough to support 25 or more welders. Measuring 88 inches wide, 55 inches deep and 95 inches tall, this portable solution can be placed right where your welders are working.

What's more, with the available customizable gas distribution panel, the POD system can be configured to meet your fabricating team's size or specific needs and can also be configured for use as a stationary high volume gas supply with a single point of use.

Advanced Features That Keep the Work Flowing

The POD system includes several advanced features to minimize disruptions at your site, including a switchover box that allows the connection and disconnection of units while providing a seamless transition during POD system changeouts.

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Additionally, a multi-channel cellular, battery-operated telemetry unit monitors and reports tank inventory levels to our logistics center to facilitate automatic, on-time deliveries to your job site. A top-mounted GPS tracking system simplifies asset management, and when combined with the DataOnline™ platform, enables online tracking and mapping, allowing you to see where the PODs are (and have been) on the job site.

Housed for protection against the elements, a tamper-resistant mixer is designed to deliver a consistent, reliable gas blend and features a test port for on-site blend verification and adherence to AWS specifications.

To support blend integrity, an on-board alarm will sound if the mixer reaches a pre-set low gas pressure point, and when using the available distribution panel, a tethered alarm box can be set at the worksite to ensure notifications can be heard – even when your facility is at its busiest.

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A complete gas supply system that works where you work, the POD system helps improve productivity and minimize downtime by reducing cylinder handling and changeouts. Contact your local Praxair representative to find out how the new POD System can help keep the work flowing.