Taking Safety Seriously

Apr 19, 2022, 15:44 PM by System
We know that safety is a priority for your workplace — let Praxair partner with you to find ways to enhance your productivity.

Praxair carefully reviews each step in our product life cycle to ensure that products not only meet government regulations, but also meet Praxair’s demanding design, quality and safety standards.

Praxair is consistently a top safety performer — with recordable injury and lost work case rates that are five times better than the U.S. industrial average and three times better than the U.S. chemical industry average. We maintain this level of safety by actively identifying risk factors and working to continuously improve performance worldwide in every key safety metric. Praxair distribution drivers consistently achieve a very low vehicle accident rate. Our facilities regularly achieve Praxair’s goal of “zero accidents, zero injuries” in any given quarter, and health, safety and the environment are critical considerations when we develop new products and processes or design and operate our production facilities. Praxair Taking Safety Seriously
Praxair recognizes the importance of your team and facility’s safety and how both directly impact your productivity and bottom line. That’s why our commitment to the protection of workers and excellent safety performance prompts customers to call on Praxair for their metfab shop’s gas supply and system needs. We know that safety is a priority for your workplace — let Praxair partner with you to find ways to enhance your productivity.


For optimum product quality and performance, Praxair sources the best materials and makes sure these materials comply with all purchase requirements and specifications.



Praxair establishes manufacturing procedures and trains personnel to ensure consistent product quality within the specifications.



Praxair provides information on the recommended use and handling of each product through product labeling, Safety Data Sheets, product use instructions, customer training and support.



Through innovative design features and a thoroughly trained staff, Praxair mitigates potential hazards during product delivery, handling and storage.



Committed to sustainable development, Praxair removes residual products from returned customer cylinders and disposes of these materials in an environmentally safe manner.