Maximize Capacity and Safety with Praxair's AmplifyMAX™ High-Capacity Delivery

Apr 19, 2022, 15:44 PM by System
Praxair’s AmplifyMAX high-capacity gas delivery system empowers your operation to achieve high capacity, convenience and cost savings in a safe, ergonomic package. Learn more about AmplifyMAX in this week’s newest blog.

Runouts. High costs. Interrupting workflow to swap out cylinders. Not only are these issues frustrating, but they can also have a direct effect on efficiency and costs. High-pressure conventional cylinders are limited in their gas capacity which can result in process interruptions. Portable liquid dewars can provide higher product storage capacity but are difficult to handle and have additional safety considerations such as occasionally gas venting which can also be very loud.

Last month, we introduced Linde’s Amplify™ high-capacity gas delivery system. Compared to conventional cylinders, Linde’s Amplify cylinders contain significantly more gas than conventional cylinders, but with similar dimensions and ergonomics, to enable longer run times and reduce the labor and hassles associated with replacing cylinders. Amplify gas delivery systems can help you ensure enough gas is available to complete your work and keep processes flowing.

The AmplifyMAX Advantage

Linde’s AmplifyMAX high-capacity gas delivery system empowers your operation to achieve high capacity, convenience and cost savings in a safe, ergonomic package. The AmplifyMAX system contains the same gas volume as a traditional 300 cubic foot cylinder 6-pack cylinder cluster with a 32% smaller footprint and in a 66% lighter package. Housed in an HDPE-enclosed frame riding on large casters, the AmplifyMAX system's capacity is achieved by using a type-3 composite cylinder pressurized to 6000 psig. This compact packaging provides a clean appearance and lowers the center of gravity, enhancing maneuverability and making placement of the system safer and easier than other options.

In addition to the superior stability and maneuverability, the system features the Amplify valve which has an integrated regulator that steps the outlet delivery pressure down to approximately 1300 psig, making the AmplifyMAX high-capacity delivery system Plug and Play compatible with your existing gas distribution systems and eliminating the need to purchase any additional equipment. 

Features and Benefits of AmplifyMAX High-Capacity Cylinders  amplify max blog


  • Low profile and center of gravity provides superior stability, eliminating the risk of tipping
  • Ergonomic design optimizes maneuverability
  • Integrated regulator valve eliminates the potential exposure to high pressure gas
  • Deadman brake provides additional safety
  • Eliminates the rolling of cylinders and loading/unloading cylinders on carts


  • Same volume as 6 300 cubic foot cylinders cylinders
  • 32% smaller footprint as traditional 6-pack
  • 66% lighter than a traditional 6-pack
  • 1,300 psig outlet pressure means Plug and Play compatibility
  • Active pressure gauge on the Amplify valve provides continuous cylinder volume


  • Less residual product returned
  • No new equipment or equipment changes required
  • Six times fewer changeouts versus single traditional cylinders

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Compared to traditional cylinders, cylinders clusters and portable liquid vessels, AmplifyMAX high capacity delivery systems represent a markedly safer high-volume gas storage and delivery system. Elevate your safety, operational security, convenience and savings to the next level. Pair AmplifyMAX cylinders with Linde's StarView™ remote cylinder monitoring product line to maximize your gas supply control, savings and reliability. To find out more about Linde's StarView system, contact your local Linde representative