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Apr 19, 2022, 15:44 PM by System
Praxair’s Amplify high-capacity delivery systems enable longer run times and reduce the labor and hassles associated with replacing cylinders. Check out this week’s blog to discover the full benefits of Amplify high-capacity delivery system.

Ongoing innovation is at the center of Praxair’s mission of making our planet more productive. We work continuously to develop and bring new technology, products and services to market that will help customers do more with less.

Praxair’s Amplify cylinders contain significantly more gas than conventional cylinders but with similar dimensions and ergonomics. Higher gas capacity in the cylinder helps to decrease the risk of runouts and reduces cylinder changeouts, which will minimize product waste. Amplify delivery systems can help you ensure enough gas is available to complete your work and keep processes flowing.

Benefits of High Capacity 

The Amplify high-capacity delivery systems enable longer run times and reduce the labor and hassles associated with replacing cylinders. This extra capacity is achieved by filling Amplify cylinders to 6,000 psig versus the 2,640 or 2,200 psig common for traditional 300 cubic foot cylinders, respectively. Furthermore, the Amplify valve features an integrated regulator that steps the outlet supply pressure down to approximately 1,300 psig, so the Amplify cylinder is immediately compatible with your existing regulators and gas distribution systems. 

Extra capacity enables fewer cylinders needed during the year, which means fewer cylinder deliveries in addition to fewer cylinders returned with unused residual product, which translates into meaningful cost savings.  amplify cyinders blog

Benefits of the Amplify delivery system include:

  • Reduced labor, deliveries, and product waste
  • Minimized cylinder handling, connecting, and transporting
  • Less cylinder inventory to free up valuable floor space
  • Integrated regulator valve and active pressure gauge
  • More gas on site to reduce runout risk
  • Permanently attached open steel guard that protects the cylinder valve and gauge

Innovation in Packaging

Praxair’s Amplify cylinders utilize advanced materials and design to achieve the 6,000 psig internal cylinder pressure rating. As previously mentioned, the Amplify cylinder is a lightweight high-capacity product with the same dimensional envelope as a traditional 300 cubic foot cylinder, which is easily integrated into your current gas distribution system.

Improving safety and ergonomics, Amplify cylinders include an open steel guard that protects the valve during both shipping and use while giving you easier access to the valve for attaching a regulator or turning on the gas flow. The valve includes an active pressure gauge that continually reads the cylinder contents, so you always know the state of your gas supply, regardless of whether the cylinder is in use. 

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Praxair’s Amplify high-capacity gas storage and delivery systems support all levels of manufacturing, helping to minimize cylinder orders, changeouts, runouts, residual gas returns, inventory and overall footprint. With the Amplify cylinders, you spend less time dealing with your gas supply and more time focused on your work. You can also pair the Amplify delivery system with Praxair’s StarView™ remote cylinder monitoring to optimize your gas supply control and reliability. To discover the full benefits of Amplify high-capacity delivery system product line, contact your local Praxair representative today.