Enhance Your Productivity and Sample Protection with Linde's Cryorepository Solutions

Apr 19, 2022, 15:44 PM by System
With technical knowledge and experience in cold chain management, Linde can help you design cryorepository solutions to help you maintain consistent temperatures, operate safely and control costs.

The cooling and freezing of biological materials is a complex process. Reliable and proper storage, cold temperature handling, and maintenance are critical when it comes to preserving and protecting fragile biological materials.

You can count on Linde for reliable cryorepository solutions. From system design and planning to installation and ongoing support, we can help assess your laboratory's needs and provide solutions to help you maintain consistent temperatures, operate safely, and control costs. With our combination of experience, products, innovation, and capabilities, you can find the right cryorepository solution, regardless of the size of your facility or the complexity of your storage challenges.

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Linde understands biological storage priorities and requirements. With technical knowledge and experience in cold chain management, we can help you design cryorepository solutions that optimize your goals in the following areas:

  • Consistent and uniform storage temperature
  • Avoidance of unplanned sample thawing
  • Overall system reliability
  • Operational efficiency
  • Protection of stored materials
  • Increased lab productivity
  • Capital cost management

A Provider You Can Count On

At Linde, we have designed, installed, and serviced cryorepositories – from a single freezer unit to multiple freezer banks – for many years. Working closely with your team, Linde can create and implement a scalable system with the flexibility to support the changing and growing needs of your facility. 

Linde can help you source individual components or provide customized cold storage supply systems for the specific types of materials you need to preserve. Our team also offers a variety of proactive maintenance solutions to help ensure your equipment continues to operate in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications. 

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The products listed below are examples of the types of equipment Linde may utilize in tailoring a custom solution for your operations.

Cryogenic Freezers

Linde is an authorized distributor and service partner for various other manufacturers of cryogenic storage freezers. Our knowledgeable staff helps customers select among a variety of models to meet their needs, considering key parameters such as sample capacity, liquid nitrogen efficiency, storage temperature, automation, and mode of operation (liquid phase or vapor phase). Linde’s factory-trained technicians support freezer installation, startup, the manufacturer recommended maintenance, emergency service, and repair. The revamped plumbing, vacuum technology along with the vacuum hoses helps the new generation freezers lower operating cost which is attributed to some reduction in their LN2 usage.

Freezer Racks

Linde carries a complete line of standard and custom racking systems to accommodate various freezers and applications. Racks can be configured for vials, straws, blood bags, or other sample bags or cassettes, and all are manufactured for long-term durability and performance.

Cold Chain Management

Linde provides a full range of products for maintaining the integrity of frozen samples during handling or transport, including simple liquid nitrogen containers, portable workbenches, an array of cryogenic vapor shippers, and dry ice in various formats. 


Liquid Nitrogen Supply Systems 

Linde offers comprehensive supply options for liquid nitrogen, ranging from portable, stand-alone dewars (160 to 240 liters) to microbulk tanks (up to 3,000 liters) and bulk tanks (up to 13,000 gallons). We further provide the piping, accessories, and other components comprising a liquid nitrogen supply system.

Cryogenic Backup

Linde can integrate liquid nitrogen or carbon dioxide supply systems to provide backup refrigeration to mechanical, compressor-based storage freezers operating near -80°C. These cryogenic backup options allow for a safe transition time for freezer repair or sample relocation.

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Linde’s capabilities go beyond cryorepository applications. We combine a complete portfolio of industrial gas products with a dedication to safety, quality, and service to help your life science or laboratory operations achieve success. To see how Linde can enhance your cryorepository capabilities and system performance, call 877.772.9247 for a free consultation.