EPA Protocol Rush - Your Built-In Contingency Plan

Apr 19, 2022, 15:44 PM by System
With our EPA Protocol Rush service, we help customers prepare for the unexpected. Learn how you can help your business avoid risk and minimize disruption in this week’s blog below.

Calibration standards where and when you need them

Good planning is the key to success. A solid, strategic plan can improve control over costs and operational performance. However, here at Praxair, we know that despite how prepared our customers might be, unforeseen circumstances do arise. This is where we come in. With our EPA Protocol Rush service, we can help bring solutions to customers who have to deal with unplanned hassles such as expired cylinders, low or no inventory of calibration standards, rush orders, long lead times or even incorrect gas concentrations.

As one of the largest suppliers of environmental calibration cylinder gases and associated equipment systems in North America, Praxair has taken its commitment to quality and reliable supply to another level. Our job is to plan for the unplanned so that we can help other businesses like yours minimize disruption and mitigate risk. With our EPA Protocol Rush service, we offer the security of a continuous inventory of many environmental mixtures at key Praxair locations, so you’ll never have to be without.

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Service and Support at Your Fingertips

Under our EPA Protocol Rush program, we provide our customers with a myriad of related services to provide support when and where they need it. Some of the most critical services include 24/7 emergency ordering, overnight delivery, technical expertise through Praxair’s Customer Care Center and direct shipment to any location within the U.S. and Canada in as little as 24-hours.


With an extensive stock list of more than 50 unique mixtures, Praxair can help ensure that your operation stays in compliance with EPA requirements under 40 CFR Part 75 and Part 60 (Methods 3A, 6C, 7E, 10, 20, 25A). We can also ship related accessories and gases including CEMS Zero Nitrogen, Flame Ionization Detector (FID) gas, regulators and other important equipment to you.


Need Our Help?

A contingency plan prepares business for the unexpected. Let Praxair’s EPA Protocol Rush program be that for your operation. Learn more about our EPA Protocol gases and other products by contacting your local sales representative or by calling 877-PRAXAIR. Ask for our EPA Protocol Rush service and your cylinder will be on its way.