Grow Your Indoor Plant Production with Praxair’s Microbulk Gas Delivery Systems

Apr 19, 2022, 15:44 PM by System
Establishing a consistent, high-quality atmosphere can improve your growing operation, while reducing overall cost. Praxair microbulk gas delivery systems help reduce inconsistencies in gas quality and supply.

For indoor growing applications, increasing ambient carbon dioxide (CO2) levels stimulates plant growth, and improves the size and yield of a crop, while reducing the time to market. CO2, along with water and light, are necessary components of photosynthesis, the biological reaction that results in plant growth. 

Although the amount of carbon dioxide a plant requires varies by plant type, industry studies show that most plants benefit from any increase in CO2 levels above the average ambient CO2 level of 350 parts per million (ppm). Alternatively, an atmosphere with less than 200 ppm CO2 will cause a significant reduction in plant growth. This can happen in greenhouses and grow rooms with low ventilation and no supplemental CO2. 

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Supplementing directly with CO2, rather than relying upon combustion exhaust, separates CO2 control from humidity and heat control, allowing for better growing conditions. Using a Praxair CO2 gas supply effectively eliminates the introduction of ethylene and NOX (both harmful to plants) which are common in combustion-produced CO2. 

Praxair Grows with You

When your requirements exceed the ability of single cylinders, packs and portable liquid vessels, a microbulk gas supply system can be a better choice. Praxair’s microbulk gas delivery system is an on-site solution that provides its own set of advantages that improve efficiency and raise your bottom line, all while ensuring an uninterrupted supply of gas to your business.

Praxair’s microbulk system reliably brings gases throughout your facility and helps you ensure optimum CO2 levels so that year round growing conditions are optimal for productivity and plant health. With a microbulk system, there are no cylinder exchanges. Your tank remains on-site, and a microbulk truck refills your tank as needed without the downtime associated with changeouts. With a range of microbulk tank capacities available, your microbulk gas supply system can grow as your operating needs grow and evolve. 

In addition to gaining employee efficiency from the time previously spent with cylinder change-outs and handling, the cost of the liquid product in the microbulk system versus the gaseous form will help your budget.

Benefits of a Microbulk CO2 Gas Delivery System 

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  • Greater supply of gas on-site
  • Reduces time spent on ordering and inventory management
  • Helps reduce overall gas-use operating expenses
  • Reduces downtime from cylinder changeouts and runouts
  • Reduces cylinder handling

Praxair CO2 Dispersion Systems

Depending on the size of the growing operation, CO2 is typically dispersed at 800-1,600 ppm for 12-18 hour cycles, creating optimum growing conditions for the plants. A liquid-based CO2 gas supply system is cost-effective to install. CO2 is compactly stored as a liquid and is converted to a gas upon need. That gas is distributed either through existing ventilation systems, or through plastic ducts directly to the plants. Praxair can provide a CO2 dispersion system together with a liquid-based CO2 gas supply, tailored and configured for your specific greenhouse needs.

Remote Monitoring Through Telemetry

To further streamline the management of your gas supply, each microbulk gas supply system employs a remote telemetry unit, designed to monitor and report liquid gas levels to Praxair’s customer service team. Praxair telemetry units reduce the risk of product runouts and provides automatic ordering and just-in-time replenishment.

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