Keep Watch with Linde's StarWatch™ Cryogenic Monitoring System

Apr 19, 2022, 15:44 PM by System
Linde's StarWatch™ Cryogenic Monitoring System can help you avoid process interruptions and minimize the return of unused product from cryogenic liquid dewars. See how in this week’s blog below.

Portable, pressurized Cryogenic Liquid Dewars are essential for supplying liquid or gaseous nitrogen, argon and carbon dioxide for many laboratory processes. But when it comes to monitoring its contents, the float gauges traditionally found on these dewars are prone to inaccuracy or failure, which can often leave you feeling unsure about how much liquid is available to supply your applications. To avoid the uncertainty of low gas and liquids levels during critical processes, many labs return dewars with as much as twenty percent unused product.

Available exclusively from Linde, the StarWatch ™ Cryogenic Monitoring System provides a clear, digital read-out of the liquid level and pressure in the dewar and alerts users with an audio and visual alarm when supply is running low. Compared to conventional float gauges, the capacitance-based level measurement of the StarWatch system provides enhanced reliability and accuracy.  

Linde StarWatch Cryogenic Monitoring System

The StarWatch system comes installed on Linde’s ProSpec™ cryogenic dewars – ready for use. Armed with the StarWatch system’s accurate level and pressure reporting, a ProSpec cryogenic dewar allows you to stay focused on your work, avoiding process and application interruptions from product outages and minimizing the return of unused, residual liquid.


How It Works

When the StarWatch system detects the dewar supply to be at or below your alarm levels, the corresponding conditions are displayed on the LCD, and the audio-visual alarms are activated until acknowledged by the user with a single push of a button. 
StarWatch allows you to customize local alert levels to your application and operations so that when a new low level alarm condition is met, corresponding displays and alarms are re-activated. Low and critically low alarms have distinct frequencies, so you can quickly assess your dewars’ contents and take action as necessary.  

Your Lab's Specialty Gas Expert

Linde offers a comprehensive portfolio of Specialty Gases and supply modes plus a full line of cryopreservation and gas handling, distribution and storage equipment for lab managers, engineers, scientists and procurement professionals. By choosing Linde for your lab’s specialty gas and equipment needs, you are accessing more than 100 years of experience and expertise. Be certain about your cryogenic supply. Add the StarWatch Cryogenic Monitoring System to your lab today.