Optimize Your Laboratory for Productivity and Functionality with Praxair’s Construction Services

Apr 19, 2022, 15:44 PM by System
Optimal lab design means being able achieve scientific work while improving productivity and minimizing errors. Praxair can help plan and build your laboratory to accommodate all necessary gas supply, distribution and safety equipment while also optimizing your space and your investment.

Laboratory planning and design lays the foundation for efficient scientific work. They help provide the types of environments researchers need to uncover groundbreaking medical therapies, make agricultural advancements and develop innovative approaches. Optimal lab design means being able to do this all while improving productivity and minimizing errors along the way. 

Even a small error in lab design can lead to disruptions of research, an increase in mistakes and accidents and compromised experiments, so it’s important that the arrangement of a science lab is to the highest of standards.

Praxair can help plan your lab layout — from gas source all the way to point-of-use. Our lab experts also review your site  lab serviceto design a gas management strategy that will meet your needs and help you in your efforts to comply with all necessary safety and regulatory codes and guidelines. From simple laboratory designs to complex, new application installations, Praxair strives to make sure your lab accommodates all necessary gas supply, distribution and safety equipment while also optimizing your space and your investment.

In addition to providing the precise infrastructure requirements for a safe, productive gas supply system, Praxair also provides decades of experience to expertly manage your lab construction project. Our team coordinates and controls your project to meet your objectives and to complete the project on time and on budget. 

Praxair’s construction team is a valuable resource for any stage of your lab construction including:

  • Scope – Scope planning, scope definition, scope verification, change control
  • Time – Define activities, sequencing, duration estimates, scheduling, control
  • Cost – Resource planning, cost estimating, cost budgeting, cost control
  • Safety – Safety planning, safety awareness, safety observation, safety control
  • Quality – Quality planning, quality assurance, quality control
  • Human Resources – Organizational planning, staff acquisitions, team development
  • Communications – Planning, information distribution, performance reporting, administrative closing
  • Procurement – Planning, solicitation, source selection, contract administration, contract close-out

The Support You Need – From Start to Finish  lab service2

Praxair can handle all elements of the gas supply system from the external product tank to your internal distribution system, which may be configured for products in gas or cryogenic liquid form. Praxair also designs, assembles and manufactures gas handling equipment in-house, using the highest quality components available.  

After installation, Praxair will test and inspect your gas distribution systems to make sure your systems are all operating at peak performance and you are productive from the start. To further boost your productivity, our team will also familiarize you and your team to your new gas distribution systems and provide any necessary training. 
Once your system is installed and tested, it’s time to get work done. With Praxair, you have access to our comprehensive range of gases and cryogens to supply your application needs. As your gas supplier, Praxair periodically inspects and surveys your facility to allow you to take advantage of the latest technologies and to confirm your gas systems are meeting your expectations. 

For a free laboratory consultation and more detailed information on Praxair’s construction services, contact your local representative or call 1-877-PRAXAIR.