A More Productive and Sustainable Gas Solution with Praxair’s PortaCYL® Cylinder

Apr 19, 2022, 15:44 PM by System
Designed for productivity, Praxair’s PortaCYL® cylinder helps deliver convenience, cost savings and sustainability in one optimized cylinder.
When it comes to managing your gas cylinders, simplicity and efficiency is essential. Purchasing, storing, maintaining and transporting not just the cylinders, but the separate components such as the valve and regulator as well, can be costly and cumbersome. In addition, it takes time to assemble the components and safety-check the system on a regular basis. 

With its lightweight cylinder, integrated regulator valve and convenient handle, Praxair’s PortaCYL® cylinder is easy to transport – and even easier to connect – so you can quickly begin delivering regulated gas to your instruments. The combination of mobility and ease-of-use improves the productivity of customers’ operations. 


Beyond its convenience and productivity potential, Praxair’s PortaCYL cylinder also offers a cost-saving and sustainable alternative to disposable aluminum cylinders, which can create hazardous waste if not disposed properly. 

Features and Benefits of the PortaCYL Cylinder

  • Lightweight and compact packaging – Easily transportable for safe handling and convenience
  • Reusable aluminum cylinder – Refillable cylinder reduces costs associated with disposable aluminum cylinders
  • Ergonomic shroud – Easy-to-carry handle and strong nylon 6 material for integrated protection
  • Integrated valve regulator – Minimizes regulator, valve and gauge replacements costs
  • High capacity gas content -- Improves productivity and lowers inventory costs

PortaCYL Applications

Equipped with an integrated valve regulator, these lightweight, portable aluminum cylinders are used to deliver non-liquified compressed gas mixtures, including those including hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide, methane, oxygen and multicomponent gas mixtures. 

In addition, the PortaCYL cylinder’s features readily support the following gas detection applications:

  • Indoor air quality
  • Confined space entry
  • Fugitive emissions
  • LEL and UEL air conditions
  • Instrumentation and analyzer calibrations

The Power of Praxair

With the mission of making our world more productive, our Praxair products and technologies serve our customers and the environment. We develop applications and initiatives that help enhance our customers’ productivity and improve environmental performance – the PortaCYL cylinder included. Designed for productivity, Praxair’s PortaCYL cylinder makes regulated gas flow more convenient, affordable and sustainable. To learn more, contact your local representative or call 1-877-PRAXAIR.