Optimize Your Cryogenic Liquid Supply with Linde's StarWatch Connect™ Remote Monitoring System

Apr 19, 2022, 15:44 PM by System
StarWatch Connect is an add-on product that allows you to manage your cryogenic liquid supply from virtually anywhere. Find out more in this week’s new blog below.

When it comes to monitoring the contents of your portable, pressurized cryogenic liquid dewars, the float gauges traditionally found on the dewars are prone to inaccuracy or failure, which can often leave you feeling uncertain about how much liquid is available to supply to your applications. 

Last month, we introduced you to Starwatch ™, available exclusively from Linde. The StarWatch Cryogenic Monitoring System provides a clear, digital read-out of the liquid level and pressure in the dewar and alerts users with a local audio and visual alarm when supply is running low. 

The StarWatch system comes installed on Linde’s ProSpec™ cryogenic dewars – ready for use. The precise level and pressure reporting allow you to stay focused on your work, avoiding interruptions from product outages and minimizing the return of unused, residual liquid.

StarWatch Connect™ is an add-on product that allows you to manage your cryogenic liquid supply from virtually anywhere. Connect to your Starwatch-equipped dewar and check the status of all your liquid nitrogen, argon, and carbon dioxide dewars remotely from your computer or mobile device. 

Linde StarWatch Connect

Benefits of StarWatch Connect

  • Convenience of checking dewar product levels online
  • Help to avoid interruptions in your cryogenic liquid supply
  • Maximize use of product
  • Reduce time spent checking status of multiple dewars
  • Better tracking of liquid consumption and plan for dewar replacement

How It Works

1. StarWatch-equipped dewars provide precise measurements of liquid level and pressure within the cryogenic vessel.

              - Liquid level ± 2%

              - Pressure ±1 psig for liquid, ± 5 psig for gas

2. Transmitter wirelessly sends liquid level and pressure measurements from dewar to a cellular gateway.

3. Cellular gateway collects measurement data from multiple transmitters and uploads data online to be served to your computer or mobile device.

4. View measurements and alerts on your mobile device.

5. Access your connect account via Linde’s secure web portal. The portal allows configuration of custom alert set-points and setup of usage reports


Contact Us

Contact your local Linde representative today or call us at 1-877-Linde (1-877-772-9247) and see how our StarWatch Connect remote monitoring system can help you optimize your cryogenic liquid supply for your critical applications.