Underpinning University Laboratory Research

Apr 19, 2022, 15:44 PM by System
Praxair understands the seemingly limitless demands and possibilities that occur within a university’s science and research programs. That’s why many top universities choose Praxair as their preferred source for specialty gases and gas handling equipment.

Linde understands the seemingly limitless demands and possibilities encompassed within a university’s science and research programs. We understand the challenges you face and how even the slightest variance in precision or reproducibility can negatively impact your valuable findings. That’s why many top universities choose Linde as their preferred source for specialty gases and gas handling equipment.

Scientists and researchers choose Linde for our ability to provide tailored systems and protocols for gas ordering, delivery and storage that help them achieve their goals, while reducing costs, creating efficiencies and streamlining processes. The Linde advantage includes, but is not limited to:

  • Expansive catalog of pure gases, mixtures and equipment
  • Easy online ordering and e-commerce support
  • Cylinder management and on-site service programs
  • Lab assessment services

Laboratory Assessment Service

Put our knowledge and experience to work for you. Our knowledgeable team will work with your lab managers and scientists to review all aspects of their gas use, storage and handling procedures. Linde will provide a customized recommendation to help you:  lab service

  • Improve productivity
  • Protect process consistency
  • Ensure the proper use of appropriate product grades and certifications
  • Improve cylinder management
  • Reduce overall costs

On-site Services and Gas Management

Linde’s customer-focused, customized programs deliver results. We’ll help you improve cylinder handling and give you access to on-site technical advice. If you choose, Linde’s dedicated site management services will manage your cylinder and gas-related assets for every user on your campus.

High Purity Gas Delivery Equipment

Variables belong in your experiments, not your laboratory’s equipment. Don’t jeopardize gas purity or gas blend integrity through the use of inferior gas handling equipment. Linde’s ProSpec™ high purity gas handling equipment includes a broad range of high purity regulators, flowmeters, manifolds, gas distribution panels, cabinets, cryogenic storage units and more, which can be configured to meet your specific equipment needs.

Linde designs and manufactures gas handling equipment in-house using high-quality components. If your laboratories are considering renovations or expansion, Linde can design and implement a turnkey build-out to fit your needs.

Cylinder Management Program

Linde’s Sentry™ Cylinder Tracking System can help you increase efficiency by automating the process of tracking and managing your specialty gas and liquid cylinders from production to delivery and return. Our Sentry program minimizes the need for traditional paper-based systems, increasing the accuracy of accounting for cylinder balances, deliveries and billing.

The Linde Sentry system uses barcode scanning technology and follows a closed-loop, five-point tracking process to ensure accuracy at every step. Cylinders are tracked by serial number, so even if a barcode is corrupted or removed from a cylinder, the cylinder can still be accurately tracked.

e-Commerce Support: Your System or Ours

No matter how simple or complicated your packaged gas and supply needs are, Linde’s online purchasing system can save you time and money, and can give you online ordering capabilities compatible with your contract status, IT system(s) and process requirements, affording:

  • Improved order placement speed and accuracy
  • Reduced need for manual data entry
  • Virtual elimination of need for paper handling, faxing, phone calls and mailing

Why Top Tier Universities Choose Linde

Reputation. Track record. Reliability. Safety focus.  Linde is more than an established leader in the manufacturing and distribution of atmospheric, process and specialty gases and equipment –To learn more about how Linde can help your university’s labs, research and ongoing innovation, contact us at 1-877-PRAXAIR.