Increase Quality Assurance, Optimize Process Productivity

With Linde’s Mobile Gas Management App, QSpec™, simplify gas cylinder management with cylinder information, gas blend specifications and electronic Certificates-of-Analysis (eCOA’s), all through your phone.

Linde’s QSpec mobile gas cylinder management app provides greater integrity and efficiency to your gas dependent processes. Scan cylinder mounted QR codes with your phone to receive and store cylinder information. Quickly verify gas blend components and mix accuracy, and track the expiration date of your gas blends to maintain optimal process performance. Simplify cylinder management and cylinder tracking in your facility by using your phone as a mobile database of cylinder information. You can also email on-demand Electronic Certifications of Analysis (eCOA’s) for each cylinder to your desktop.


  • Scan and store cylinder information, blend expiration dates and blend specifications in your phone.
  • Set alerts to monitor and prevent expiration of your gas blend to ensure process quality.
  • Quickly retrieve and email eCOA’s.
  • Create, store and email your cylinder reorder list.
  • Assign scanned cylinders to customizable locations to assist with cylinder tracking.
Praxair Q-Spec