StarView Remote Cylinder Monitoring

Optimize gas supply management for critical applications

Linde’s StarView™ remote cylinder monitoring provides customers the ability to monitor the contents of their gas cylinders any time and from any where using their computer or mobile device.

When pressure values drop below the set alert point, an alert will be sent to the user. This allows users to spend less time dealing with their gas supply and more time focused on their work. By eliminating product run-out and production downtime, the StarView remote cylinder monitoring system helps maximize gas supply control and reliability and reduce overall costs.

Three systems are offered with StarView to cover virtually all markets and application needs.

Praxair StarView

StarView - Outdoor:

  • A Class 1 Div 2 cellular gateway with up to 4 pressure transducers.
  • Gateway is rated IP66 and can be powered by battery or battery and external power source (e.g. solar panel or hardwired power supply).
  • Suitable for refinery, chemical industry where Class 1 Div 2 is required or for outdoor implementation/use.

StarView - Indoor:

  • An indoor cellular gateway with up to 3 pressure transducers.
  • External power only.
  • Suitable for indoor manifolds.

StarView - Wireless:

  • An indoor cellular gateway with up to 20 wireless outdoor/indoor transmitters/transducers sets.
  • Suitable for lab where has multiple cylinders.